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Upgrading sensors on Databricks

Use any of the following options to upgrade Databricks sensors:

  • Option1: From Unravel UI

    1. Go to the Unravel Instance UI and click Manage > Workspaces. The Workspaces Manager page is displayed.

    2. For each of the existing workspace, do the following:

      In the Workspaces list, in Actions column, click 46-edit.png. The Edit Workspace dialog box is displayed with the following details:



      Workspace Id

      Databricks workspace ID.

      Workspace Name

      Databricks workspace name.

      Instance (Region) URL

      Regional URL where the Databricks workspace is deployed.


      Select a subscription option: Standard or Premium.


      Personal access token to authenticate to and access Databricks REST APIs. Refer to Authentication using Databricks personal access tokens to create personal access tokens.

    3. Click Update.


      After you click the Update button, it will take around 2-3 minutes to Upgrade Unravel Databricks sensors.

  • Option 2: From the command-line on Unravel VM.

    1. Switch to Unravel user.

    2. For each of the existing workspace, run the manager command as follows:

      /manager config databricks add --id <workspace-id> --name <workspace-name> --instance <workspace-instance> --access-token <workspace-token> --unravel-endpoint <unravel_server:port> 
      ##For example:
      /manager config databricks add --id 0000000000000000 --name myworkspacename --instance --access-token xxxx --unravel-endpoint --tier premium