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Impala monitoring

After installation or upgrade, if you want to monitor Impala applications, you must enable the impala_worker daemon. Do the following to enable the impala_worker daemon.


In the case of Unravel multi-cluster deployment, you must enable the impala_worker daemon from the core node.

  1. Stop Unravel.

    <Unravel/installation/directory>/manager stop
  2. Enable the impala_worker daemon.

    <Unravel/installation/directory>/manager service enable impala_worker --permanent
  3. Apply the changes.

    <Unravel/installation/directory>/manager config apply
  4. Start Unravel.

    <Unravel/installation/directory>/manager start
  5. Verify the status of the service.

    <unravel_installation_directory>/unravel/manager report 

    You can also sign in to Unravel, go to Jobs > Application Type > Impala , and check if the Impala apps are listed.

You can enable multiple impala_worker daemon workers. Refer to Enabling multiple daemon workers for high-volume data.