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Cost (Databricks)

Use the Cost 360 feature to govern your spending for Databricks. You can optimize your clusters and jobs to manage your cloud expenses.


Only users with admin and read-only admin permissions can view the Cost page.

Key features

  • Observability: View trends and chargeback to identify cost anomalies and drill down to find out who or what contributes to the anomalies. You can organize your resources with granular chargeback by app, user, department, project, business unit, queue, cluster, or instance.

  • Optimization: Optimize cluster costs by tailoring the cluster sizes to the observed workloads and optimizing job performances.

  • Monitoring: Actively monitor cluster costs against user-defined budgets, observe warnings if cost is trending to exceed the budget, and accordingly take appropriate action.

The following diagram illustrates the Cost 360 workflow:

Databricks and EMR cost 360 workflow in Unravel

You can analyze, manage, and optimize costs as an administrator or manager of costs. To perform these activities, see the following topics:

Also, see Discounted pricing for Databricks.