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License FAQ

The license YAML file is secured using a digital signature. The license file contains the following information:

  • Product licensing details such as licensee name, license type, and digital signature

  • License validity and expiration date

  • Licensed number of clusters and nodes

  • Licensed instance hours

When you purchase Unravel, you can obtain a license from Unravel Customer Support.

A license file is provided from Unravel version for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

An existing license for previous versions (before 4.7.7.x) does not work with the newer version of Unravel.

You must contact Unravel Customer Support to acquire a new license file. When you upgrade Unravel from the previous versions to, set the license after running the activate command.

30 days. When you run the manager config license show command, a warning message is displayed if the validity date of the license equals 30 days or less than 30 days.

You can update the license by using the manager config license set command. For information, see Setting Unravel license.

An invalid license error is displayed if the content of the license file is incorrect or the license is expired. You can verify the content specified in the license file and rectify the error. For information, see Licensing error messages and troubleshooting.

When you run the manager config license set command, the license expired message is displayed. Contact Unravel Customer Support to acquire a new license file.

You cannot cancel the license in between. However, you can use Unravel until the license is expired.