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Snowflake Documentation

Warehouses (Snowflake)

The Warehouses page in Unravel provides valuable insights and data relating to your warehouse activities. You can manage and optimize your warehouse activities. You can monitor costs, review trends, and access detailed warehouse information.

You can perform the following actions on the Warehouses page:

Viewing cost information for Warehouses
  1. From the Unravel UI, select Warehouses. The Warehouses page is displayed.

  2. The Cost Summary in the upper left corner of the page displays the summary for all warehouse costs in USD. The Snowflake credits are also displayed alongside the costs. It shows the following information:

    • Total YTD cost: View the cumulative cost of your warehouses for the entire year in USD and Snowflake credits.

    • Total MTD cost: View the total cost of your warehouses for the current month in USD and Snowflake credits.

    • Average monthly cost: View the average monthly cost based on historical data in USD and Snowflake credits.

    You can also quickly access how your costs trend over time through a visual representation of your monthly warehouse costs.

  3. Scroll down to view the list of Warehouses. Use the Search box to search for the required warehouse. You can view the following information in the table:





    Click the Warehouse name to navigate to the Warehouse Detail page.


    Indicates whether the warehouse is active or not.


    When a warehouse is started, it may require up to 30 minutes, as per the polling time interval for the warehouse, before the changes become visible.


    Specifies the warehouse size, for example, large, small, medium, etc.


    Identifies the type of Warehouses (for example, standard, multi-cluster, etc).


    Displays the owner or administrator of the warehouse.

    Previous Month Cost

    Shows the cost incurred in the previous month.

    Month-to-Date (MTD) Cost

    Shows the expenses accrued from the beginning of the current month up to the present date.


    Click the View queries link to access the queries page for the required warehouse.