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Installing Unityapp

Before installing the Unity app, complete the related prerequisites. You must download and extract the unity-app-47.tar.gz app tar file to the$UNRAVEL_HOME/data/apps/ directory. The following directories are extracted, which must be used to install the Unity one and the App comparator separately.

  • unity-one

  • AppComparator

The Pipeline health and observability must be separately installed using the pipe_obs.tar.gz file. 


Run the following prerequisites before you install Unityapp. 

  1. Verify if ports 80508111, and 8080  are open and accessible with a firewall.

    Do one of the following steps to check if the ports are open:

    • Run the following command.

      ss -tnl | grep 8050
    • Run the telnet command to check the telnet host port.

      telnet <host> <port>

      For example: 

      • Successful

        $ telnet 8111
        Connected to
      • Unsuccessful

        $ telnet 8111
        telnet: connect to address <IP address>: Connection refused
  2. Keep the $UNRAVEL_HOME directory handy

    . The directory is located at <Unravel installation directory>/unravel

  3. Create directory apps under $UNRAVEL_HOME/data/ if it is not created already. 

    For example: 

    cd $UNRAVEL_HOME/data/
    mkdir -p apps
  4. Run the following pre-execution steps:

    • Download the Unityapp and copy the unity-app-47.tar.gz file to the $UNRAVEL_HOME/data/apps/ directory.


Installing Unityapp


  • In case there is an existing installation of the Unity app in your system, you must remove it and proceed with a fresh installation. Refer to Uninstalling Unity app.

  • An Unravel user must perform all the installation steps. 

  1. Untar the $UNRAVEL_HOME/data/apps/unity-app-47.tar.gz file, which you downloaded and copied earlier.

    tar zxf unity-app-47.tar.gz

    The following two directories are extracted:

    • unity-one

    • AppComparator

  2. Change owner to Unravel, if not done already. 

    chown -R unravel-install-user:unravel-install-usergroup UNRAVEL_HOME/data/apps/
  3. Install App Comparator app.

  4. Install Unity Oneapp.

  5. Install Pipeline health and observability. 

Configuring SSL for Unity app

  • App Comparator

    Run the following steps to enable SSL for the App Comparator:

    1. Change directories and open config.ini.

      cd $UNRAVEL_HOME/data/apps/AppComparator/app_comparator/resources/
      vi config.ini
    2. Update the following:

      • protocol: Specify the protocol as https

      • key_file: specify the path to the key file.

      • cert_file: specify the path to the certificate files.

  • Unity one app

    Run the following steps to enable SSL for the Unity one app:

    1. Change directories and open

      cd $UNRAVEL_HOME/data/apps/unity-one/src/
    2. Update paths for the following in

      • KEY: specify the path to the key file.

      • CERT: specify the path to the certificate files.

    3. Open and update enable_https option to true.

      jobs_path = 'assets/reports/jobs'
      # Enable https instead of using http
      enable_https = true
    4. Save and quit

    5. Restart the Unity one app.


      Chrome may not open the app because of self-signed certificates. There is a secret passphrase built into the error page. Ensure that the page is selected (click anywhere on the screen), and type thisisunsafe.