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v4.7.4.2 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 14/June/2022

See for download information.

Software upgrade support

Fresh installations are supported along with the following upgrade paths:

  • v4.7.0.x, v4.7.1.x, v4.7.2.x, v4.7.3.x, v4.7.4.0, v4.7.4.1v4.7.4.2

  • v4.6.1.9 v4.7.4.2

  • v4.6.1.8 or earlierv4.6.1.9v4.7.4.2

For instructions to upgrade to Unravel version, refer to Upgrading Unravel server.

For instructions to upgrade to Unravel 4.7.4.x version, refer to Upgrading Unravel.

For fresh installations, refer to Installing Unravel.

Sensor upgrade

  • Sensor upgrade is mandatory for all Unravel versions before v4.7.4.0.

    Refer to Upgrading Sensors.

Certified platforms

The following platforms are tested and certified in this release for new installations and upgrade to Unravel version

  • Cloudera Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH)

  • Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)

  • MapR

  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

  • Databricks

Review your platform's compatibility matrix before you install Unravel.

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties

New features

  • None

Improvements and enhancements

  • Upgrade Unravel runtime to OpenJDK version 17. (CDI-507)

    • Enable BTrace sensors to run on JDK-9/11/17 version using extraJavaOptions for Unravel on-prem platforms. (CDI-522)

    • Enable BTrace sensors to run on JDK-9/11/17 version for Unravel cloud platforms (Amazon EMR and Databricks (AWS and Azure)). (CDI-524, CDI-522, CDI-525)

    • Enable ngui service, Elasticsearch to run on Java 17 (CDI-253, CDI-511)

  • Upgrade to New UX and upgrade Server Node.js to version 14.19.1. (UIX-4575)

  • Upgrade Apache Zookeeper in Unravel to the 3.8.0 version. (CDI-512)

  • Performance improvements while processing job and stage data for spark applications. (ASP-1489)


  • Unravel does not support Billing on-prem platforms.

  • On the Data page, File Reports, Small File reports, and file size information are not supported for MapR and cloud (EMR, Databricks, GCP) clusters.

  • Impala jobs are not supported on the HDP platform.

  • Monitoring the expiration of the SSL Certificates and Kerberos principals in Unravel multi-cluster deployments.

  • LR authentication is not supported for on-prem platforms, and for cloud platforms, it is supported only for Databricks.

The following features are not supported for MapR:

  • Impala applications

  • Kerberos

  • The following features are supported on the Data page:

    • Forecasting

    • Small Files

    • File Reports

  • The following reports are not supported on MapR:

    • File Reports

    • Small Files Report

    • Capacity Forecasting

    • Migration Planning

    The Tuning report is supported only for MR jobs.

  • Migration Planning

  • AutoAction is not supported for Impala applications

  • Migration

  • Billing

  • Insights Overview

  • Migration planning is not supported for the following regions for Azure Data Lake:

    • Germany Central (Sovereign)

    • Germany Northeast (Sovereign)

  • Forecasting and Migration: In a multi-cluster environment, you can configure only a single cluster at a time. Hence, reports are generated only for that single cluster.

  • Migration planning is not supported for MapR.

  • Unravel does not support multi-cluster management of combined on-prem and cloud clusters.

  • Unravel does not support apps belonging to the same pipeline in a multi-cluster environment but is sourced from different clusters. A pipeline can only contain apps that belong to the same cluster.

  • All the reports, except for the TopX report, are not supported on Databricks and EMR.

In Jobs > Sessions, the feature of applying recommendations and then running the newly configured app is not supported.

  • Pig and Cascading applications are not supported.

Bug fixes

  • App Sensors

    • Change nested queries to delete jobs and stage data to directly use DELETE without nested query. (ASP-1482)

  • Billing

    • The alert flag for the billing contract expiry is displayed for all the months in the plan. (CDI-549)

    • The alert flag for the billing contract expiry is displayed even after the plan expiry month. (CDI-548)

  • Healthcheck

    • Running Healthcheck on cluster fails with FAILED [check_kafka_jmx_port] error. (INSTALL-2641)

  • Installation

    • DBFS client not found error is shown when complete Prechek is run. (INSTALL-2621)

    • Min and Max heap size should be equal for Elasticsearch. (CDI-555)

  • Databricks

    • Some of the cost data is missing on the Job runs page. (DT-1162)

    • Inconsistent cost in budget is shown on Databricks playground. (DT-1141)

  • Platform

    • Cluster REST API: Ignores hit docs of spark_job types. (CDI-547).

    • UnravelInit does not use UTF-8 encoding when loading file. (CDI-527)

  • Upgrade

    • Login issues after upgrading to Unravel version (SUPPORT-1169)

  • UI

    • Mismatching view for the Job page before and after upgrade from Unravel version to (ASP-1485)

    • Rectify the different names shown for the same cluster in the Cluster Name column and the cluster drop-down list on the Compute page. (DT-1167)

    • Clusters are not shown in the cluster drop-down list for TopX reports. (DT-1163)

    • Clusters are not shown in the cluster drop-down list in the Cluster and Jobs tab. (CUSTOMER-2054)

  • Workflow/Job page displays empty for Analysis, Resources, Daggraph, and Errors tab. (DT-1093)

  • Event logs and YARN logs are not loaded for some applications in Google Dataproc clusters. (PG-170)

  • Incorrect data is displayed in the Number of Queries KPI/Trend graph on the Overview page. (DATAPAGE-502)

  • Create time of partitions is not captured in hive metastore if the partition is created dynamically. This limits Unravel to show Last Day KPIs for the partition section.

  • Wrong data displayed for Number of Partitions Created KPI/trend graph under Partitions KPIs - Last Day section in theData page. (DATAPAGE-473)

  • When a job fails to submit a spark application, the failed DataBricks job is missing from Unravel UI. (ASP-1427)

  • In Databricks, when a job in a workflow fails and a new job is launched instead, as a new attempt, the new job cannot be part of the same workflow. (PG-269)

  • DataBricks jobs are being missed intermittently in Unravel. (PG-232)

  • In the Databricks view, the application is shown in a running state, even though the corresponding Spark application is marked as finished. (ASP-1436)

  • Google Cloud Datapro: Executor Logs are not loaded for spark applications. (PG-229)

  • Exception: Problem when retrieving bootstrap actions for cluster is seen in the aws_worker daemon logs.

    Workaround: While creating an AWS account for EMR Chargeback/Insights overview feature, you must include an additional entry in the Policy JSON file for "elasticmapreduce:ListBootstrapActions", as follows:

        “Version”: “2012-10-17",
        “Statement”: [
                “Effect”: “Allow”,
                “Action”: [
                “Resource”: “*”

    Even though the AWS account was already created without this entry (elasticmapreduce:ListBootstrapActions), you can always include this policy later.

  • The workflow of multiple transient clusters (EMR) is not supported. (ASP-1424)

  • Unravel node fails to send email notifications. (INSTALL-1694)

  • During precheck and healthcheck, the Hadoop check fails for the MapR cluster. You can ignore the messages. (INSTALL-2603)

  • When you upgrade from Unravel version to and the database is an externally managed MySQL version 8, you will face a JAVA connector issue. (INSTALL-2647)

  • The Insights Overview tab uses UTC as the timezone, while other pages use local time. Hence, the date and time that are shown on the Insights Overview tab and the other pages after redirection can be different. (UIX-4176)

  • Kerberos can only be disabled manually from the unravel.yamlfile.

          enabled: False
  • WorkloadFit report

    • A large number of tags can cause the Workload Fit report to fail. (PG-265)

    • WorkloadFit report > Heatmap: The job count has data, but Vcore and memory are empty. (MIG-262)

  • On-prem playground: In Clusters > Hbase > Tables, the settings column-setting.png button does not respond. (PG-291)

  • Cluster discovery

    • If the metric retrieval for a host fails, then the CPU and memory capacity/usage graphs and heatmaps are not displayed.

      This happens on a CDH cluster when the Cloudera Manager agent of a host does not send any heartbeats to the Cloudera Manager server. Such a host is shown as Bad Health in Cloudera Manager. (REPORT-1706)

      Workaround: Ensure that the Cloudera Manager agent sends heartbeats to the Cloudera Manager on all hosts and that none of the hosts are shown as Bad Health.

    • The On-prem Cluster Identity might show an incorrect Spark version on CDH. The report may incorrectly show Spark 1 when Spark 2 is installed on the CDH cluster. (REPORT-1702)

  • When using PostgreSQL, the % sign is duplicated and displayed in the Workload Fit report > Map to single cluster tab. (MIG-42)

  • Cloud Mapping Per Host report scheduled in v4.6.1.x will not work in v4.7.1.0. Users must organize a new report. (REPORT-1886)

  • The TopX report email contains a link to the Unravel TopX report instead of showing the report content in the email as in the old reports.

  • Queue analysis: The log file name (unravel_us_1.log) displayed in the error message is incorrect. The correct name of the log file is unravel_sensor.log. (REPORT-1663)

  • You can see a lag for SQL Streaming applications. (PLATFORM-2764)

  • If the customer uses an active directory for Kerberos and the samAccountName and principal do not match, this can cause errors when accessing HDFS. (DOC-755)

  • In AAD login mode when external logout happens, the user continues to have access to their current logged-in UI. (UIX-4125)

  • For PySpark applications, the processCPUTime and the processCPULoad are not captured properly. (ASP-626)

  • SQL events generator generates SQL Like clause event if the query contains a like pattern even in the literals. (TEZLLAP-349)

  • After upgrading to v4.7.1.0, Notebooks do not work. You can configure them separately. (REPORT-1895)

  • If you have configured a single cluster deployment for Unravel and the cluster name is not default, then the Datapage feature might not work correctly.

    To avoid this issue, you must explicitly set the following property after upgrading. (INSTALL-2151)

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager stop
    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config properties set hive.metastore.cluster.ids=<cluster-name>
    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager apply
    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager start
  • After upgrading from v4.6.x to v4.7.1.0, the Tez application details page does not initially show DAG data. The DAG data is visible only after you refresh the page. (ASP-1126)

  • You can access the new user interface (UI) only from Chrome.

  • In the App summary page for Impala, the Query> Operator view is visible after scrolling down. (UIX-3536).

  • Jobs are falsely labeled as a Tez App for Oozie Sqoop and Shell actions. (PLATFORM-2403)


For support issues, contact Unravel Support.