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Cluster wide report

This topic explains how to set up and run Unravel's Cluster Wide Report.

Cluster Wide Report is a java App designed to help you fine-tune your cluster wide parameters to maximize its efficiency based upon your cluster's typical workload.

Cluster Wide Report

  • Collects performance data of prior completed jobs.

  • Analyzes the jobs relative to the cluster's current configuration.

  • Generates recommended cluster parameter changes.

  • Predicts and quantifies the impact the changes will have on future runs of the jobs.

Most of the recommendations revolve around the parameters

  • MapSplitSizeParams

  • HiveExecReducersBytesParam

  • HiveExecParallelParam

  • MapReduceSlowStartParam

  • MapReduceMemoryParams

You can choose to implement some or all of the recommended settings.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Download the report tarball from the Unravel preview site.

    curl -v -o ClusterReportSetup.tar.gz
  2. Unpack and run the setup script to install the app in /usr/local/unravel/install_bin.

    tar zxvf ClusterReportSetup.tar.gz
    cd ClusterReportSetup
    sudo ./ /usr/local/unravel/install_bin
  3. The app is now installed in /usr/local/unravel/install_bin/ClusterReport. cd to the installation directory.

    dbin/             etc/             origJars/               
    dlib/             logs/            origJars.tar.gz   
  4. cd to dbin and edit Input.txt.

    cd /usr/local/unravel/install_bin/ClusterReport/dbin 
    vi Input.txt
  5. Configure Input.txt for your cluster and report parameters.

    cluster_id =
    queue =
  6. Run the report.

    su - hdfs ./