Disabling browser telemetry

By default, Unravel Web UI collects data about your use of Unravel. You can disable this functionality by the following steps. If you have a multi-host Unravel install, you must use logical host1.

Disable Mixpanel
  1. On Unravel Server, open /usr/local/unravel/etc/unravel.properties.

    sudo vi /usr/local/unravel/etc/unravel.properties
  2. Set com.unraveldata.do.not.track to true.

    If this property isn't in the file, add it and set it to false.

  3. Restart the Unravel UI.

    sudo service unravel_ngui restart
Re-enable Mixpanel

Follow the above steps but in step 2 set com.unraveldata.do.not.track to false.