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Sending Diagnostics to Unravel Support

You must have access to, and an Id for, Unravel at Exavault. If you do not have or know your ID contact Unravel Support.

You can collect the data via the UX or command line.

Gathering diagnostic data

From the UX
  1. Click admin-username > Manage.

  2. Select the Run Diagnostics tab and click Download Support Bundle. Note: to examine the diagnostic information in the UI click Load Latest Diagnostics.

  3. The diagnostics file is named unravel-suppport-bundle.txt.

From the command line
  1. Run /usr/local/unravel/install_bin/ to bundle the diagnostic data and logs in a tar file.

  2. Upon completion the file is saved to /srv/unravel/tmp. Your file is name something similar to unravel_logs_-_cdh2_20490924t1302.tar.gz.

Uploading the diagnostics

  1. Download the generated file.

  2. Log on to Unravel at Exavault.

  3. Click on Upload to upload the diagnostic file.