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Unravel properties

By default, properties are located in <Unravel installation directory>/data/conf/ To locate the properties within a file, search the property name.


A property's default is the value Unravel has already assigned the property; not all properties have defaults.

You might need to change the property's value based upon your environment/installation. Installation and configuration topics always note when you need to set properties to enable specific functionality.

Where appropriate, the description contains values to use depending on your environment. For example, for a given port property we suggest you use 16010 for CDH and 16030 for HDP. However, these are not the default values as Unravel has not set the corresponding property to either value.

Set by user

The Set by user column denotes whether you must set the property.

The column contains:

  • Required means you must set a value.

  • Optional means you don't need to set a value.

    Optional properties can become required depending on your environment. For instance, if you want to enable Forecasting and Migration Reports you need to set the cluster properties. Installation and configuration topics note when you need to set optional properties to enable specific functionality.


Do not put quotes around the values; this includes all strings, CSL, etc.

Unit abbreviations
  • boolean: True or false.

  • count: Integer equal or greater than zero.

  • ColSL: Colon separated (delimited) list.

  • CSL: Comma separated (delimited) list.

  • int: Integer.

  • min: Minutes.

  • ms: Milliseconds.

  • ns: Nanoseconds.

  • s: Seconds.

  • path: Fully qualified directory path, for example, /tmp/dir/lower.

  • percent: Percentage, for example, 1.25, .05.

  • set member: Member of the allowed set of values, for example, HDP, CDH, Databricks.

  • string: A string of characters, for example, admin, yarn, password.

  • URL: Valid IP or fully qualified domain name.