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Release Notes

To obtain the username and password, contact Unravel Support.

Build No: 2320

Unravel Tar installation

MD5SUM: ca0161b1b5ecbc52dc762a7dac019a22

curl -v -o unravel- -u username:password

Unravel RPM installation

MD5SUM: 7bd6c7a521877a9aa777717e25ac27de

curl -v -o unravel- -u username:password

Standalone Interactive Precheck installation

Build No: 2279

MD5SUM: bea5da83e268962eab0a3ee71504609b

curl -v -o unravel-healthcheck- -u username:password

Interactive precheck can be used to validate configuration before installing Unravel, and that information is reused to bootstrap an Unravel install.

  1. Download the Interactive Precheck package.

    curl -v -o unravel-healthcheck- -u username:password
  2. Extract the unravel-healthcheck tar.

    tar -xvzf unravel-healthcheck-release-<version>.tar.gz
  3. Change directory to healthcheck.

    cd healthcheck/
  4. Run the Interactive Precheck script.

Ansible Installation
  1. Download the Ansible playbook by running the following command:


    Download the files on the Unravel server.

  2. Extract the tarball

    mkdir ansible-installation
    tar -xvzf ansible-installation.tar.gz -C ansible-installation