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v4.6.1.0 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 05/18/2020

See v4.6.1.0 for download information

Software upgrade support

All that is required is an RPM upgrade. The following upgrade paths are supported for v4.6.1.0:

  • 4.5.4.x to

  • 4.5.5.x to

  • 4.5.3.x to

  • 4.3.1.x to 4.5.0.x to

Sensor upgrade

  • A sensor upgrade is mandatory.

Certified platforms

You must review your platform's compatibility matrix before you upgrade or install.

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties


  • AutoAction

  • Databricks jobs orchestration via services like ADF

  • Notebooks on interactive clusters

  • Spark Program / Query Graph for Notebook and Python tasks

  • Chargeback view by custom tags

  • Cost and Instance Recommendations for Jobs on AWS Databricks

  • Unravel's APIs

  • Sessions

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

  • Support the HDFS path in displaying Spark source code feature.

  • Data Insights for:

    • Workload

    • Spark

  • Reports

    • Small files

    • Cluster optimization

    • Notebooks

    • Top-X

    • Forecasting

    • Migration planning

    • Queue analysis

  • Datapage

    • Size created of the table

    • Total size

    • Accessed partitions

    • Size created of the partitions

  • Datapage

    • Size created of the table.

    • Total size

    • Size created of the partitions.

  • Oozie on EMR

  • Missing table and column statistics events.

Migration Planning is not supported for the following regions for Azure Data Lake:

  • US DoD East

  • US DoD Central

  • Germany Central (Sovereign)

  • Germany Northeast (Sovereign)

New features

Unravel for Databricks (Azure and AWS)

  • Support for jobs running on interactive clusters.

  • Support for visibility into costs Incurred for application on Azure Databricks.

  • New recommendations on cost and instance sizing on Azure Databricks.

  • Support for Spark Streaming apps.

  • Support for Unravel tagging to add Custom Application Tags.


  • Added property that allows you to exclude some queues from metrics collection and reports in the Queue Analysis report.

Spark Data Pipeline

  • Stage timeline data is displayed live.

  • Added properties to allow skip event log loading and executor log loading.

  • Support for loading spark program zip using HDFS path with a new spark property: spark.unravel.program.path.

Spark Insights

  • Added Timings tab in Spark APM, which shows the time breakdown of apps and tasks.

  • Added Bottleneck Analyzer, which detects the application area that is consuming the most time and provides recommendations.

Data Insights

  • Spark implementation for FSImage (Small Files) processing.


  • Register table accesses from Spark and SparkSQL apps in the Data Insights framework.

  • Missing table and column statistics events.

  • Register table accesses from Hive queries in the Data Insights framework.

  • Provide insights on compression in table inefficient format event.

  • Data insights framework and generate small files event.

  • Get table and partition sizes from Fsimage to dashboard_summaries and table__info.

  • Provide insights/recommendations on file formats in case of an inefficient format event.

User Interface (UI)

Added interface to the Manage section to manage API tokens. An administrator can:

  • View the list of tokens, which are authorized for the third parties.

  • Generate the API tokens.

  • Delete the API tokens.


  • Added support in MR and TEZ sensor to read cluster-ID from extraJavaOptions and env.

  • Provided a way to set cluster-ID to use in URL to LR to POST various data from BTrace sensors.


Unravel now detects inefficient and badly formed tables.  This information is shared in Operations > Dashboard Inefficient Tables tile. An app version of the table events is also shown in the Hive-MR, Hive-Tez, Impala, and Spark APMs.

Limitation: Only supports:

  • On-premise (CDH, HDP)

  • HDFS file system

  • Hive metastore

Improvements and Enhancements

Data page

  • Added paging for scalable retrieval of Impala queries in building the data page, index on column d2 for table dashboard_summaries. Use start_time field instead of created_at in retrieveImpalaQueryInfoByTimeRange().

  • Add index on column d2 for table dashboard_summaries.

  • Add paging for scalable retrieval of Impala queries in building the data page.

  • Group table events by table.

  • Support External Tables/Partitions and Nested Partitions in Fsimage size calculation.

  • Forward port: Minimize exception logging in getting DFS path and misc changes.

  • Minimize exception logging in getting DFS path and misc changes.


  • Improved Capacity Forecasting graph UX. Clear demarcation of actual vs predicted; capacity stays flat rather than predicting capacity increases.

  • Enable updating of sizes to table-info.

  • Implement Fsimage (aka Small Files) using Spark instead of Hive.


  • Added support for tagging Impala queries with workflows for CDH versions that are later than 5.13.

  • Impala Operator status and KPIs are captured correctly and is more consistent.

  • Various improvements in Impala events.

  • Certified for CDP.

  • Change skew duration threshold default for time skew event from 0.5s to 3s.

  • Recommend use LIMIT only for large # rows.

  • Consider absolute time besides ratio in identifying “long row fetch”.


  • Provision of AutoAction violation badge for Hive.

Spark Data Pipeline

  • Store the processed SQL data from Event log if all live data is not received by SW.

  • Improvements to fetch query plan.

  • Job group is displayed with the job ID if present.

  • Sensor conf to add shutdown delay (

  • Application end time and duration gets updated with the live BTrace sensor data.

  • Spark pipeline improvements to process executor logs with a new Kafka message.


  • Add version tag in RequestMetrics:RequestsPerSec.

  • Support for Kafka 2.x.


  • Stability fixes are done for Workflow.

  • # OF APPS are displayed correctly for Tagged and for Oozie workflow.

  • Improved the workflow status updating logic ( Stale workflow ).

  • Support for Oozie 5.0+.

  • Added the Stale Oozie Workflow Task to update the Workflows that are stuck in RUNNING state.

Data Insights

  • Data page skips calculating the size of non-existing paths and prevents exceptions as a result.

  • Paging retrieval of Impala queries gets the app access info.

  • Reduce the frequency of checking Kerberos authentication in size calculation.

Spark Insights

  • Improved number of cores and executor recommendations.

Migration Planning

  • Added new properties for Migration Planning Workload fit report and heat map generation.

    • com.unraveldata.migrationplanning.workloadfit.max.apps

      Configure the limit on the maximum number of apps that can be shown in a single slice of workload fit report and heatmap generation.

    • com.unraveldata.migrationplanning.workloadfit.timeout

      Configure the timeout for workload fit report and heat map generation.

Customer fixes

  • API Call Consolidation: Bulk endpoint for apps with the summary. (CUSTOMER-676)

  • Users are not seeing all Impala applications that are based on the tagging script. (EAR-52)

  • Distinguish which AA triggered an event for a given application not working. (CUSTOMER-942)

  • AutoAction send email action containing & in the email address results in The email address is not valid. (CUSTOMER-1143)

  • AutoAction Templates - Change the Elapsed time to Seconds. (CUSTOMER-841)

  • Add queue dropdown in AA filters. (CUSTOMER-954)

  • AutoAction for failed spark jobs is not working (CUSTOMER-1160)

  • Connecting HDI Clusters across Azure subscriptions to a single Unravel. (CUSTOMER-676)

  • HitdocLoader does not start due to: [ERROR:ELASTIC] Elastic daemon mismatched indexes. (CUSTOMER-1265)

  • Data Insight's Detail page is blank within the customer large production cluster. (CUSTOMER-185)

  • Data Insights are not working appropriately. (CUSTOMER-754)

  • Additional metrics to the data insights - detailed report. (CUSTOMER-178)

  • Add support for Oracle Hive Metastore (Hive libs do more operations than just read-only). (CUSTOMER-265)

  • Data Insights not fully showing metrics against Oracle Hive Metastore seeing lots of ORA-01031: insufficient permissions. (CUSTOMER-479)

  • Data Insights report - feature requests. (CUSTOMER-546)

  • Data insight details page is not showing any data. (CUSTOMER-1153)

  • Sorting by partitions in DataInsights Details is unusable. (CUSTOMER-1164)

  • Data insights column sort in playground 3 broken (Partitions and RP) (CUSTOMER-914)

  • Data page: Display each table's data storage format (ORC/Parquet etc.) (CUSTOMER-391)

  • Complete documentation for setting configs around cluster type, and name vs id. (CUSTOMER-610)

  • Race condition while processing the hive queries. (CUSTOMER-1196)

  • Unravel attempts to write a DELETEME table to Hive Metastore (CUSTOMER-466)

  • The dependency issue on HiveHook jar is causing sqoop job to fail. (CUSTOMER-1196)

  • Need to support ADLS Gen 2. (CUSTOMER-888)

  • Filter Impala queries by cluster in multi-cluster CM deployments. (CUSTOMER-1216)

  • Impala apps ignored due to error: DocFieldValue of "counters" is too large <= 32766 (CUSTOM- ER-1007)

  • On-demand Install fails because SUDO does not exist and and contain SUDO. (CUSTOMER-1303)

  • Missing Swagger entries and documentation about Unravel APIs for Kafka. (CUSTOMER-906)

  • Display latest cumulative value for the metrics across all kafka brokers. (Customer-767)

  • Merged forever_ngui.log with unravel_ngui.log. (CUSTOMER-1246)

  • LDAP configuration is correct yet users cannot see Admin/Manage functionality. (EAR-51)

  • MapReduce Application detail page does not load for non-admin users. (CUSTOMER-1101)

  • Unravel sensor script assumes Spark is installed. (CUSTOMER-404)

  • SENSOR: Unravel Spark sensor appears to be causing java.lang.ClassCircularityError errors when firing against Data Profiler Agent spark jobs. (EAR-18)

  • Restrict TLS protocols for Log Receiver communication. (CUSTOMER-669)

  • fails to create a tar file for log file. (CUSTOMER-1126)

  • LDAP: Slow group queries (CUSTOMER-1176)

  • OpenJDK8U-jre_x64_linux_hotspot_8u232b09 in 4601 branch. (CUSTOMER-1244, CUSTOMER-1245)

  • Support cron job that updates Unravel keytab without requiring Unravel restart for password rotation. (CUSTOMER-828)

  • Streamline Installation Process for On-Premise Hadoop. (CUSTOMER-87)

  • Tagging based on Database Names in SQL coming from Hive, Impala, and SparkSQL. (CUSTOMER-1005)

  • Change connector log entries for missing/incorrect configs to ERROR. (CUSTOMER-1030)

  • Ability to tag based on tables, databases used by applications. (CUSTOMER-1080)

  • Realuser tagging configured during installation. (CUSTOMER-116)

  • Many applications (Spark, MapReduce) are missing logs and metrics within the cluster. (CUSTOMER-152)

  • Unravel showing MapReduce job in RUNNING state, days after the job actually completed. (CUSTOMER-228)

  • Add the ability to retain ES data longer and ensure it is accessible from UI and is responsive. (CUSTOMER-266)

  • Unravel logs are filling up the disk. (CUSTOMER-982)

  • Fix for benchmarks to work with HDInsight, EMR platforms. (CUSTOMER-1106)

  • UnravelListener throws an exception. (CUSTOMER-1118)

  • No Hive jobs are showing up within the cluster and errors are seen within unravel_lr (CUSTOMER-506)

  • Support custom location for Kerberos client configuration. (CUSTOMER-774)

  • SmallFiles Report Failed with unravel-udf-0.2.jar missing error. (CUSTOMER-676)

  • Added Cluster Name to identify Cluster KPI reports. (CUSTOMER-1079)

  • Small files: Concerns on configuring Small Files / Files Report. (CUSTOMER-783)

  • Provide reporting on I/O usage. (CUSTOMER-1336)

  • The Cluster Compare tab the Time Range and the Compare With Range are both set to a default of 7 days. (CUSTOMER-928)

  • Small Files - Recommendations. (CUSTOMER-818)

  • Queue Analysis tab is throwing error SQL if queue names have quotes or special characters. (CUSTOMER-657)

  • Migration Planning reports fail to generate when RM HA is enabled (success or failure depends on which RM is active). (CUSTOMER-1304)

  • Hive / Spark analysis notebooks: CLI report generation fails with cryptic error message there were no matching apps in the filter criteria. (CUSTOMER-1339)

  • Spark Workload Analysis Notebook: allow custom processing of app names to handle a specific app name convention to group runs together. (CUSTOMER-1340)

  • Capacity Forecasting Report showing incorrect total HDFS Capacity. (EAR-57)

  • Reports load slowly in Anthem environment. (CUSTOMER-181)

  • Incorporate Hive table to a path in small files report (CUSTOMER-461)

  • 0 apps in the heatmap is too red in the playground 3, which misleads the user to assume that the cluster is hot (CUSTOMER-908)

  • Creating/Analyze Sessions periodic fails with message: UnravelLogger is not callable. (CUSTOMER-1233)

  • Spark application hangs and fails to exit after Unravel Sensor is installed. (CUSTOMER-1201)

  • Timeline for Spark Stages do not render. (CUSTOMER-1200)

  • The user is unable to go to spark-shell when Unravel-Kafka is down. (CUSTOMER-1152)

  • Spark recommendations default to spark.default.parallelism. (CUSTOMER-1177)

  • Informatica Integration: Spark job ran by Informatica is showing no data in Unravel. (CUSTOMER-1053)

  • API Call Consolidation: Bulk endpoint for apps with summary. (CUSTOMER-676)

  • Do not show Athena Preview from the Applications List if Athena is not set up for that Unravel deployment. (CUSTOMER-930)

  • The Result section displays the default web page for the Web server. (CUSTOMER-1287)

  • Need for a property that disables the Kill/Move feature in UI. (CUSTOMER-889)

  • Usability concerns with date pickers. (CUSTOMER-474)

  • Pig jobs show 0 as the duration for all MR jobs. However, the Gantt chart view shows the duration. (CUSTOMER-1235)

  • Added error handling for (CUSTOMER-1306)

  • Enabled RBAC for Cluster summary and compare for user role. (CUSTOMER-165)

  • Auto-refresh should save state and can be configurable (New UX Preview). (CUSTOMER-174)

  • Selecting timeframe clears previously selected parameters in the Usage Details Report (New UX Preview). (CUSTOMER-206)

  • More advanced search capabilities and consistent behavior across all search boxes (New UX Preview). (CUSTOMER-341)

  • Keep user preferences in UI (New UX Preview). (CUSTOMER-744)

  • Save page filters for the duration of a session (New UX Preview). (CUSTOMER-489)

  • The Chargeback report's CSV download only gets 1000 pages. (CUSTOMER-748)

  • Running and submitted applications are both blue in the UI. A better color can be chosen instead. (CUSTOMER-823)

  • Updates on the Applications page removes any customizations to the table. (New UX Preview). (CUSTOMER-84)

  • Ability to list all events in application screen for recommended settings or run report vs clicking on individual jobs. (New UX Preview) (CUSTOMER-898)

  • Spark - Job-id search inside Spark Navigation tab is not working. (CUSTOMER-1327)

  • Better ergonomics within the UI when viewing Spark applications (pySpark). (CUSTOMER-299)

  • Ability to search inefficient applications list by app name, user, tables, etc. (CUSTOMER-581)

  • Application filter ignored when FILTER BY APP NAME is also used. (CUSTOMER-807)

  • Persist the selected time period when navigating between tabs within Unravel. (CUSTOMER-86)

  • Data Correctness - Unravel UI doesn't match the resource manager. (CUSTOMER-395)

  • Support API Tokens when using SAML Authentication for UI. (CUSTOMER-908)

  • Improved information when the sensor metrics are missing, especially when the sensor data is not live or sensor configuration was overwritten. (CUSTOMER-831)

  • API Call Consolidation: Bulk endpointWorkflow search still not working. (CUSTOMER-997)

  • Workflow search still not working. (CUSTOMER-997)

  • Many completed workflows are stuck in RUNNING state, and the workflow duration statistics are incorrect. (CUSTOMER-1251)

  • Spark and Tez apps not showing in Oozie workflows. (CUSTOMER-1049)

  • Workflow tagging for Impala queries does not work post CDH 5.13. (EAR-38)

Bug fixes

Data page

  • Added paging for scalable retrieval of Impala queries in building data page, index on column d2 for table dashboard_summaries. Use start_time field instead of created_at in retrieveImpalaQueryInfoByTimeRange().

  • Reduced sleep time from thread in unravel_tw.


  • Implement retention for values in Master Fsimage. (REPORT-1270)

  • Memory and CPU data are missing for Hive on MR apps in the TopX report. (REPORT-1165)

  • get_hive_query_status(): internal error message not found in unravel_ondemand.out. (REPORT-732)

  • One of the small file reports shows No Data Found when we run small files report parallel (race condition)(REPORT-660).

  • Queue analysis now receives the correct metrics when the secondary resource manager is active in the HA configuration. (REPORT-393)

  • Queue analysis failed with list indices error when a specific cluster is selected. (REPORT-370)

  • Queue analysis report graphs are not legible. (REPORT-342)

  • Analyzing queues for multiple clusters may cause overlapping of metrics. (REPORT-297)

  • Capacity forecasting, cluster discovery, and migration planning reports were failing if the value from the property- did not match the actual cluster name/id. A new property is introduced - property- that indicates the cluster for which these reports should be run. (REPORT-1424)

  • Queues missing in Queue analysis report in HDP environments. (REPORT-294)


  • A loop is executed while generating events for failed Impala queries. (IMPALA-209)

  • Killed Impala queries are incorrectly classified as failed. (IMPALA-206)


  • The tagged workflow shows the non-tagged Tez application. (PLATFORM-2158)

  • Exception while downloading event log on clusters where Kerberos is not enabled. (PLATFORM-1646)

  • Queue Metrics Sensor Stops polling after sometime when higher polling rates are set. (PLATFORM-1563)

  • Operations dashboards do not support multi-cluster and have incorrect aggregations.

  • Operations Nodes Dashboard does not capture cluster inactivity in graphs.

  • Spark Application with the same application ID is captured as one.

  • Spark Program / Query graph for Notebook and Python tasks is not supported.

  • Spark default Databricks extraJavaOptions are overwritten by Unravel for spark-submit tasks.

  • DriverOOME and ExecutorOOME events are not generated for the Databricks notebook task.

  • Recommended Azure instances available in Cluster page but not at run time.

  • Recommended Azure instances could be in Beta mode only.

  • Instance recommendation is missing when EMDB is used.

  • The Violation Badge functionality for AutoAction is not working for Impala queries (Running, Killed). (AA-44)

  • EMR: Hive metrics are not published in RUNNING state. (HIVE-135)

  • Latency in fetching the data for MR jobs. (PLATFORM-1613)

  • API connection error while Polling impalad metrics from CM. (PLATFORM-1567)

  • conflicted ephemeral node' or 'Corrupt index found'(PLATFORM-702)

  • gc load metric sensor for MR application will not load on EMR.

For support issues, contact Unravel Support

  • All files deleted except fsimage.txt (parsed fsimage) after parse fsimage is processed. (REPORT-1195)

  • Certain users and queues are missing in the Cluster Compare report. (REPORT-1342)

  • For PySpark applications, the processCPUTime and the processCPULoad are not captured properly. (USPARK-626)

  • Partition size 0 is shown in the insight message on the timings tab. (USPARK-647)

  • # of Apps is incorrect (PLATFORM-2403)

For support issues, contact Unravel Support