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Custom banner

You can define a custom banner that appears on the Unravel UI. The banner is displayed until the date specified in the property.


Run the following steps to define a custom banner.


In a multi-cluster environment, you must run the following step on the core node.

  1. Stop Unravel

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager stop
  2. From the installation directory, set the properties in the below table as follows:

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config properties set <property> <value>
    /opt/unravel/manager config properties set com.unraveldata.custom.banner.display true
    /opt/unravel/manager config properties set com.unraveldata.custom.banner.text sample_custom_banner
    /opt/unravel/manager config properties set 20320903010101
  3. Apply the changes.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config apply
  4. Start Unravel.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager start

    The text entered for the customer banner will be displayed on the Unravel UI.