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Unravel Billing for Databricks platform

Unravel introduces a new billing page to support a new pricing model. Previously, Unravel employed a flat pricing model for different compute types, charging customers a fixed rate. However, recognizing the evolving landscape of compute type usage and the need for greater flexibility and accuracy in billing, Unravel has introduced a new pricing strategy aligned with market trends. Unravel now charges our customers a different pricing for each compute type.

On the Unravel Billing page, you will find a dynamic and transparent cost management approach customized to your specific usage patterns. By transitioning from a flat pricing model to one that considers DBU consumption for each compute type differently, Unravel aims to provide you with a more granular and accurate breakdown of your usage costs. This strategy aligns with how Databricks charges customers a different price based on compute types.

Available plans

Under the Standard or Free plan, you enjoy basic features without incurring costs. This plan is ideal for you if you are exploring Unravel's observability capabilities.


You must upgrade to Unravel's Pro Plan if you want to see insights and recommendations, untapped savings potential, ROI on insights, and more cost and governance use cases. For more details, see here.

Under the Pro Plan with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), you only pay for what you use at the end of each month. Costs are based on your total monthly usage across different compute types. Whether you continue using Unravel for the whole month or stop part-way through, you are charged only for the time you use Unravel. This plan gives you control over your Unravel spending, making it easy to adjust based on your needs. This is an ideal choice if you want flexibility and scalability in managing costs.

Transition from Free Plan to PAYG: If you are currently on the free plan and decide to upgrade to the Pro Plan with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), you are not charged for the days on the free plan. Once you switch to PAYG, you are billed based on your actual usage for the rest of the month from the day of the upgrade. This ensures a smooth transition, where you only pay for what you use.

Under the Pro Plan with Pay-In-Advance (PIA), you can buy credits upfront with discounts. Actual invoice value depends on your total usage and discount rates per compute type throughout the month and is deducted from the purchased credits. For the PIA plan, Unravel provides details of your purchased credits, opening credit balance, total credit usage, adjusted credit, and closing credit balance for that month.

The following details are displayed in the PIA plan:

Purchased credit

The credit that you have purchased in the current month

Opening credit balance

The opening credit balance at the start of the current month

Total credit usage

Total credits used during this month

Adjusted credit

Adjusted credits (if any) carried forward from the previous months

Closing credit balance

The closing credit balance at the end of the current month

  • Prepaid plan: You purchase credits before the month starts and enjoy discounts tailored to each computer type. Throughout the month, you maintain the same base prices and applicable discount rates for each type. The total cost is based on usage, discount values per compute type, and actual DBU usage.

  • Usage period: Billing is based on the usage period. If you discontinue your usage of Unravel before the end of the month, the bill reflects the active days of the month. Unused credits from your tier plan are not refunded. A $0 cost is displayed for the remaining days in the month's bill in case you choose to discontinue using Unravel during the month and you still have unused credits in your account.

  • Transition from Free Plan to PIA: If you upgrade from the free plan to the Pro Plan with Pay-In-Advance (PIA), costs for the days on the free plan is $0. For the remainder of the month, your billing reflects the rates and breakdown associated with the PIA plan. This ensures a seamless upgrade process while accurately reflecting your usage and costs.

  • Transition from PAYG to PIA: If you transition from the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plan to the Pro Plan with Pay-In-Advance (PIA), costs for the days on the PAYG plan are calculated based on your actual usage during that period. On switching to the PIA plan, your billing reflects the rates, discounted values, and breakdown associated with PIA for the remainder of the month. This transition ensures a seamless adjustment while accurately reflecting your usage and costs. Detailed information about your plan change, discounts, and usage is provided in the billing breakdown for the rest of the month, including your purchsed credits, opening credit balance, total credit usage, adjusted credit (if any), and closing credit balance.

  • Transition from PIA to PAYG on credits or plan expiry: If you are on the Pro Plan with Pay-In-Advance (PIA) and your credits expire, the system automatically shifts you to the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model for the rest of the month. Your credits expiring triggers this transition, and the system highlights the auto-renewal process, adjusting your costs accordingly. You are billed based on your actual usage under the PAYG model. This seamless transition ensures that your billing reflects the planned shift and adjusts to your usage patterns. Detailed information about the plan change and adjusted costs is provided to you.

The Enterprise Plan is designed to accommodate your unique enterprise requirements. This plan offers product features and pricing agreements negotiated directly with the Unravel sales team. This plan is ideal for organizations with specific needs and larger-scale operations, ensuring that the Unravel platform aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. With a focus on customization and flexibility, the Enterprise Plan provides the necessary tools and support to optimize your operations and drive success.

The following are forthcoming billing plans for Databricks. These are not supported in the latest release.

Under the Pro Plan with Hybrid Pricing, you can combine different pricing strategies for various compute types. This hybrid model allows you to choose between the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and Pay-In-Advance (PIA) options, tailoring your discounts and, thereby, your base prices for each compute type. Costs are aggregated based on your chosen pricing strategy and usage patterns for any duration. Whether you opt for PAYG for some compute types, PIA for others, or any other combination, this plan ensures that your costs are calculated accurately and transparently. Additionally, custom discounts are applied to refine your pricing structure further. Detailed breakdowns of costs, including the selected pricing strategy and discounts, are provided for clarity.