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v4.6.1.8 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: March 31, 2021

See v4.6.1.8 for download information.

Software upgrade support

In Unravel v4.6.1.8, the following path is supported for upgrade:

  • to

Sensor upgrade
  • A sensor upgrade is mandatory.

Certified platforms

Review your platform's compatibility matrix before you upgrade or install.

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties
Installation and Upgrade instructions

Refer to Upgrading Unravel server for instructions to upgrade Unravel.

New features
  • None

Improvements and enhancements
  • AutoAction

    • Support user filtering for Impala AutoAction. (AA-435)

  • Applications

    • Usage of realUser value in the user field for Applications and Workflow pages that indicates the existence of a Hive user other than that of the YARN user. (UIX-3662, CUSTOMER-359)

Bug fixes
  • Applications

    • Tez Application fails to load while processing the DAG status data. (CUSTOMER-1672)

    • After Unravel restart, if the user goes to any application's details page, Unravel UI becomes unresponsive. (CUSTOMER-1659)

    • Cascading and Pig applications fail on HDP platforms. (ASP-968)

    • Spark application status persists as UNKNOWN, thereby keeping the Spark applications running even though there are no updates. (ASP-994)

  • Impala

    • Some of the Impala queries do not display KPIs and throw an internal server error “500”. This issue is fixed. (CUSTOMER-1667)

  • Platforms

    • After upgrading the MapR cluster, the unravel_us logs display the null pointer exception. (ASP-1002)

  • Hive versions before 1.10 are no longer supported.

  • Kerberos, Migration Planning, and Capacity Forecasting are not supported for MapR.

  • EMR: Hive metrics may not be published in the RUNNING state. (HIVE-135)

  • INSERT statements are not included in the App count on HDI. (DATAPAGE-256)

  • The accessed partition does not support Hive on Tez etc. It only supports Hive on MR. (DATAPAGE-250)

  • Datapage does not load the total table and partition size KPI's (DATAPAGE-379)

  • Resource metrics will not be collected for JDK versions that are equal to or greater than 9 without using the extra JVM switches as mentioned below:

    Workaround: All metrics can be collected if the following options are used for sensor JVM

    --add-exports java.base/jdk.internal.perf=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens

    For example:

    JDK9_MODULE="--add-exports java.base/jdk.internal.perf=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens"

    These JVM options are valid for JDK9 - JDK15. Without these JVM options, the following metrics are not collected:

    • ProcessCpuLoad, ProcessCpuTime, SystemCpuLoad

    • PerfCounters metrics

  • gc load metric sensor for MR application will not load on EMR.

  • Spark applications that run in the local mode do not use YARN resources, so these applications will be shown using 0 resources in Unravel. (PLATFORM-2809)

  • Intermittent issue in fetching the Btrace data for MR applications. (PLATFORM-2807)

  • Killed MR apps do not display RM diagnostics. (PLATFORM-2815)

  • Certain users and queues are missing in the Cluster Compare report. (REPORT-1342)

  • In the Cluster Compare report, the same value trends are highlighted instead of trends with different values. This is fixed in the New UX. (REPORT-1479)

  • There is a lag seen while streaming Spark SQL applications. (PLATFORM-2764)

  • For PySpark applications, the processCPUTime and the processCPULoad are not captured properly. (USPARK-626)

  • The number of TEZ applications in an Oozie workflow is sometimes incorrect. (PLATFORM-2403)

  • For streaming applications, the global search with application ID does not work. (UIX-3312)

For support issues, contact Unravel Support.