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What is Unravel Assistant?

The Unravel Assistant is your AI assistant that provides insights and recommendations for optimizing Databricks jobs with data obtained from the Job Insights tab under the Workflow page. Unravel Assistant helps you analyze the performance and cost metrics of Databricks jobs obtained from the insights and identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings simply by asking questions in plain language. You can ask specific questions about the insights, recommendations, or performance metrics of your Databricks jobs that run on job compute clusters.

Getting started
Installing and launching Unravel Assistant

Refer to Installing and launching the Unravel Assistant app.

Interacting with Unravel Assistant

You can work with Unravel Assistant for job insights anytime you want using our interactive chat experience. With the data obtained from the Insights Preview tab of the Workflow page, the Unravel Assistant has been trained to communicate with you using specific questions and plain text. You can ask any questions related to neglected or untapped cost, realized cost savings, total ROI, duration, CPU and memory utilization, productivity boost, annualized savings, and insights or recommendations for optimizing jobs. The Unravel Assistant helps you get the right answers with data from the Insights Preview tab.

The Unravel Assistant has also been trained to provide information about the next steps for tuning and optimizing specific jobs.

  1. On the Unravel UI, from the upper-right corner, click appstore-icon.png. The App Store page is displayed.

  2. Click the Unravel Assistant app to open the app.

Sample questions

If you need help deciding where to begin, here are some sample questions. The following sections, Executive, Platform Owner, and Job Owner serve as broad categories encompassing various personas who may interact with and derive value from Unravel Assistant.

The questions can focus on high-level strategic objectives, business impact, and ROI. Here are some questions specifically tailored to address the concerns and responsibilities of the executive persona:

  • Show me the most popular optimization recommendations across my clusters.

  • What is the total cost of all the jobs?

  • How can I save 'X' $?

  • Which workspaces had the highest billing costs?

  • Which users or teams account for 50% of my costs?

  • What are the top 5 cost-saving recommendations for our workloads?

The questions can focus on platform performance, resource utilization, and operational efficiency. Here are some questions specifically tailored for managing and optimizing the Databricks platform:

  • What is the untapped total cost for the Bottlenecks category of insights?

  • What are the different categories of insights?

  • What is the job name with the most neglected cost in the bottleneck category?

  • Show me the jobs that have low CPU utilization.

  • What job has saved the most dollars in developer productivity?

  • Which are the top 5 jobs that will fetch me the most savings over the entire year?

  • Which job has the longest duration?

The questions can focus on job performance, optimization opportunities, and workflow efficiency. Here are some questions specifically tailored for managing Databricks jobs:

  • What insights are available for ABC job?

  • What are the next steps for XYZ job?

  • Rank the insights available for CDE job by their untapped savings.

  • What is the total cost and untapped savings for XYZ job?

  • How can I tune ABC job?

Always learning

While chatting with Unravel Assistant, please give its response a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Let us know if you notice something that isn't right or that could be improved. Contact Unravel support for any further assistance.