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The Unravel Databricks Home page offers an in-depth assessment of your cloud spending, resource utilization, and operational efficiency, which can help you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your cloud investments efficiently.

Key features

Unravel's optimization insights highlight areas where resource allocation can be optimized, code can be fine-tuned, and operational efficiency can be enhanced, enabling you to maximize ROI and minimize wastage.

  • Cost management overview: Obtain a comprehensive understanding of your cost management status, including annualized total cost, breakdown by compute type, untapped savings, total cost trend, and usage.

  • Waste identification: Acquire actionable insights to identify areas of wasted cost, discover potential savings with job migration, pinpoint expensive clusters and jobs, and recognize opportunities for savings with recurring jobs, facilitating targeted optimization efforts and cost containment strategies.

  • Resource efficiency insights: Enhance operational efficiency by gaining insights into resource efficiency savings, including migration strategies and resource scaling, enabling proactive measures to maximize efficiency and savings.

  • Streamline operations: Identify inefficiencies and implement measures to improve processes and workflows.

  • Enhance cost-efficiency: Implement strategies to drive savings across your cloud environment.


It is recommended to integrate Azure bill with Unravel for accuracy in data representation. For more details on connecting Azure bill to Unravel with API integration, see here.. If Azure bill is not integrated with Unravel, a method of approximation is used to generate the insights. The approximate costs of DBU usage and overall expenses may vary from the values obtained directly from Azure bill.