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Decrypting passwords/tokens pushed by Unravel to Databricks DBFS

If you want to decrypt passwords/tokens pushed by Unravel onto DBFS, run the following steps:

  1. From the installation directory of Unravel, go to unravel/conf/data. Use an editor, for example: vi editor, and open the unravel.yaml file.

  2. From the unravel.yaml file, find the databricks section and copy the aes_key.

            aes_key: <dbx_aes_key>

    You can also fetch this encrypted key from the corresponding Databricks cluster as follows:

    1. Access DBFS using a web terminal of the required cluster.

    2. Run the following and copy the displayed aes key.

      cd /dbfs/databricks/unravel/unravel-db-sensor-archive/etc
      cat aes_key
  3. From the install directory, run the following command along with the encrypted <aes_key> that you had copied.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager support password decrypt --key <aes_key>

    You are prompted to enter the encrypted passwords/tokens you want to decrypt. This encrypted information is stored in the /dbfs/databricks/unravel/unravel-db-sensor-archive/etc/ file on Databricks.

  4. Open the /dbfs/databricks/unravel/unravel-db-sensor-archive/etc/ file and copy the encrypted password/token you want to decrypt.

  5. Paste the encrypted password/token at the prompt and press ENTER. The decrypted password/token is displayed.