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Viewing cost breakdown by user and jobs

The User And Job Costs section collects data from projects monitored by Unravel. A daily trend shows the projects in billing versus the projects monitored by Unravel. The user costs are presented in GCP cost types: On-demand and editions capacity, with both summary and daily trend graphs available. The Jobs costs provides insights into the number of jobs and the average cost per job, categorized by GCP cost types.


For optimal use of these reports, it is recommended to monitor all your projects by Unravel.

  1. From the Unravel UI, click Cost > Cost 360.

  2. Filter the data using the date range or the fields.

    On the top right, you will find the date range filter. You can adjust the range to analyze data for specific periods.


    On the top left, there is a comprehensive list of fields you can use for filtering. Click the Add filter link and choose a field. Common filters include acct_id, billing_acct_id, and You can also choose an operator to filter down to a specific


    At the top of the page, you will find the total cost incurred in the specified period and a daily trend graph, which shows the changes in your BigQuery cost over time.

  3. Scroll down to the User And Job Costs section. The following charts are shown:

    • Daily trends of projects seen in billing versus the projects monitored by Unravel.

    • Breakdown by GCP cost types along with daily trend graph of user count and average cost per user

    • Daily trends on job count and average cost per job, which is categorized by GCP cost types