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BigQuery GE integration

Integrating Great Expectations (BigQuery)

Run the following steps to integrate GE for BigQuery Data page.

  1. Setup Python Environment.

    1. Download the .whl file for the Unravel contrib package.

    2. Open a terminal window and navigate to the directory where the .whl file is located.

    3. Run the following command to install the Unravel contrib package:

      pip install <file_name.whl>
  2. Configure Unravelaction.

    The unravelaction has the capability to extract events out of the expectation failures generated by the GE test suite.

    1. In the Python file where the checkpoint is defined, import unravelaction:

      import unravelaction
    2. Configure unravelaction to the action_list configuration in the GE checkpoint YAML configuration.

        - name: UnravelAction
            class_name: UnravelAction
            module_name: unravelaction
            lr_url: "{lr_url}"
            lr_version: "v2"
            index: "events_bq_t1-"

      The configurable parameters are as follows:


      Action name for storing validation results.


      Set it to UnravelAction.


      Set it to unravelaction.


      URL to the log receiver.


      The version of the log receiver.


      The Index name where the GE event will be stored.

  3. Run the Great Expectations checkpoint.

    To validate the data and send the expectation failures to unravel, you need to run the checkpoint. You can check the great expectations guide on different ways to run a checkpoint.