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Error shown when running Integrate or terraform apply command with external Terraform scripts




When using the "Integrate" or "terraform apply" command with external Terraform scripts, you may encounter the following error:

Error: Error when reading or editing Project Service <gcp-project-id>/ googleapi: Error 429: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Read requests' and limit 'Read requests per minute' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:xxxxxxxxxx'.

This error occurs when there is an excessive number of API calls sent to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The error message indicates that the quota for the Read requests metric and the Read requests per minute limit of the service has exceeded for the specified project.

To address this issue, there are two possible solutions:

  1. Increase Quota through GCP Cloud Console

    If you have the necessary permissions, you can manually increase the quota for the Read requests metric through the GCP Cloud Console. This allows your project to make more API calls within the specified time frame.


    Increasing the quota may not be immediately effective and may require approval.

  2. Wait for Throttle Reset

    If you choose not to increase the quota, you can simply wait for approximately one minute. Google Cloud Platform enforces rate limiting to prevent excessive API usage. After the throttling period elapses, the error should no longer occur, and you can proceed with your Integrate or terraform apply command.