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Configuring log4j2 files

You can configure the settings for log4j2 from the file. Each Unravel service has a dedicated file. This file is located at <Unravel Installation directory>/unravel/services/<service-name> directory. You can edit the following properties for log4j2:

If you want to add a special log level for a specific java package/class, you must add a new logger. Append the following lines in the file.


You should use a unique logger ID in the configuration. For example: unravel_es, unravel_sparkw, etc.

Replace the <app_id> in the following example with your unique application ID.

logger.<app_id>.name =
logger.<app_id>.level = trace
logger.<app_id>.additivity = false
logger.<app_id>.appenderRef.file_all.ref = file_all
logger.<app_id>.appenderRef.file_err.ref = file_err
logger.<app_id>.appenderRef.file_err.level = error