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Unity app Release notes (10/March/2023)

Software version

Release date: 10/March/2023

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New features

  • Unified search API

    Unified search API is provided, which fetches all the app details from the product. (IMP-537)

  • Download logs

    An option is provided to download the application logs, AST-extractor log, and reports log from the Diagnostics page. (IMP-542)

  • New Unity reports (IMP-571)

    The following new reports are launched in this release:

    • Top-K users report

      This report is useful for analyzing top consumers of resources in the clusters.

    • Deep user analysis report

      Deep User Analysis report produces a comparison of the resource utilization across a dataset of baseline and target apps as specified by performing a detailed analysis of resource consumptions for each selected user across the duration, IO, memory seconds, compute time, and cost.

  • HDFS and Small file report

    A new UI of HDFS and Small file report is provided, from where you can handle huge FSImage. (IMP-577)

Bug fixes

  • App Catalog Comparison report

    App Catalog Comparison report fails with an error note. (IMP-598)

  • Databricks Event Analysis report

    Databricks event analysis report fails with an error note. (IMP-551)

  • Use exact date and time parameter

    While generating a report if we use the Use exact data and time parameter, the time range option is not working. (IMP-580)

  • TopK report

    The Top-K report fails with an error note. (IMP-552)

  • Impala resource pool analysis report

    The interval duration specification does not reflect in the Impala Resource pool analysis report. (IMP-556)

  • Top-K and Catalog reports

    CPU is shown as zero for all Catalog and Top-K reports. (IMP-588)

  • Migration wave plan report

    Some of the app run IDs for the Migration wave plan report show an “App with id: (application_1677251157729_0012) Doesn't Exist” error message. (IMP-595)

  • Security

    SSL Vulnerabilities were observed on ports 8050, 8111, 8060. (IMP-338)

  • EMR reports

    Unable to generate AWS EMR Cost report properly. (IMP-453, IMP-476)


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