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Unity app Release notes (12/April/2024)

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Release date: 10/April/2024

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What's New



  • Unity Apps general improvements

    • An improved setup is introduced for Unity Apps to seamlessly support SaaS environments. Settings can now be effortlessly retrieved from environment variables. Additionally, Unity app routes now support proxy path prefix in all routes.

    • An option has been added to the Unity UI interface, enabling users to view the resources consumed by each running report in real-time.

    • Reduced lag in input parameters. The loading speed of drop-down options is significantly improved, speeding up parameter selection during report generation.

    • Updated ES timeout implementation, the timeout is now uniform across UI and all reports and can be configured via config.

  • HDFS Usage and Analysis report

    • Enhanced HDFS Analysis Report with Replication Factor:

      • Introduced replication factor input parameter with default value set to 1 for accurate data replication control.

      • Now calculate DSQuota and the percentage of DSQuota utilized based on the provided replication factor, facilitating better resource management and optimization.

    • The time series graph has been modified to display 90 days of data, including HDFS used capacity and HDFS total capacity.

    • The fsimage processor script automation has been enhanced to streamline the generation of featherbolt files.

  • AppCatalog Comparison Report

    User names are now displayed in the AppCatalog Comparison Report, enhancing user identification and analysis capabilities.

Bug fixes


  • Sometimes, the status of a report is not shown on the UI. (IMP-1453)

  • The duration of a killed process does not get updated on the UI. (IMP-1336)

  • A different report name is displayed while confirming the deletion of a report. (IMP-1450)

  • An incorrect confirmation message is displayed when you terminate the killed or failed report runs. (IMP-1335)


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