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Unity app Release notes (05/June/2023)

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Release date: 05/June/2023

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New features

  • New Unity reports

    The following new reports are launched in this release:

    • App Custom Tagging report(IMP-854)

      The App Custom Tagging report lists the custom tags in an application.

    • Data Asset Materialization report (IMP-743)

      The Data Assets materialization report creates delta tables with partitions between data based on the selected output type. Partition files are created in the server that is local or uploaded to the Azure container (remote).

    • Chargeback Cost report (IMP-707)

      The Chargeback Cost report presents the chargeback cost attributed to clusters for the specified time range and filters organized based on the selected Group by option.

  • Airflow integration

    Airflow can be integrated with Unravel by Installing the Unravel Airflow agent in the same instance as that of the Airflow instance or an instance that has access to the Airflow host. The metadata information from Airflow is pushed to the agent. The agent pulls additional information such as logs, if necessary, consolidates all the DAG information, and forwards it to Unravel. You can observe the workflow information from Pipeline Health & Observability.


  • Azure Bill Analysis report

    • Introduce text-based partial matching for the subscription name. (IMP-758)

    • You can now pull billing data from the Azure storage container. (IMP-759)

  • Appstore apps: Anomaly Detection app

    • Anomaly detection is now available at the cluster level also. (IMP-717)

  • Database user analysis report

    • The multiple database name is an input in the Database user analysis report. (IMP-710)

    • Additional fields added for Database user analysis report. (IMP-727)

  • Databricks DBU Consumption Report

    • DBU consumption report to be mailed on a weekly/daily/monthly basis. (IMP-678)

  • Deep User analysis

    Added cost metric to deep user analysis report.

  • Report creation

    While you create a report, you can select your platform. The reports corresponding to your platform are only listed in the Report type for selection.

Bug fixes

  • Databricks Node Downsizing Savings report

    Integrated Node Downsizing Savings report with Insight Services jar. (IMP-756)

  • Appstore apps: Anomaly Detection app

    Unbound local exception handling. (IMP-848)

  • Impala Resource Pool Analysis report

    The max numbers and intervals do not match in the Impala pool analysis report. (IMP-703)

  • Interesting app reports

    • A difference in the duration is shown in the Unity app and Unravel UI for the Interesting app report. (IMP-801)

    • For the Interesting apps report, if there is no data, a No interesting apps found in main page report file message is displayed. (IMP-754)

    • Interesting app report parameters not loading. (IMP-851)

  • UI

    • Unravel redirection links are not working on the SAML setup. (IMP-803)

    • Unity app parameters load lazily in the background so that page comes up fast. (IMP-798)


For support issues, contact Unravel Support.