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Unity app Release notes (08/September/2023)

Software version

Release date: 08/September/2023

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New features



  • Interesting apps report (Databricks)

    The workspace details column is named Workspace instead of Queue. (IMP-985)

  • Catalog and Migration Wave report

    Unity reports such as Catalog and Migration Wave can process jobs for the entire cluster (IMP-1030)

Bug fixes

  • Unity app reports

    • The app IDs are comma-separated in the downloaded csv files of the Unity reports. (IMP-1088)

    • For Databricks, the Unity apps shows clusters that Unravel does not monitor. (IMP-993)

  • TopK report

    • The TopK report fails when the tag keys added while generating the report contain spaces. (IMP-1080)

  • Databricks Cost Breakdown report

    • While editing or generating the Databricks Cost Breakdown report, the Instance type shows empty. (IMP-1041)

    • The clusters and apps are missing in the Databricks Cost Breakdown report. (IMP-1013)

  • DBU Consumption report

    DBU consumption report fails with an exception: raise IndexError("positional indexers are out-of-bounds"). (IMP-1012)

  • Interesting Apps report (Databricks)

    Interesting apps report shows incorrect events for the spark application. (IMP-983)

  • App Store

    • Databricks cost anomaly detection

      • Issues with the installation of Databricks cost anomaly detection report are fixed. (IMP-1042)

      • The defects related to the error analysis in the Databricks Cost Anomaly Detection app are fixed. (IMP-1021)


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