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Snowflake Documentation

Setting Unravel license

Use the license file provided by customer support to set Unravel license. You can set the license using the following methods:

  • Installing Unravel using the interactive precheck utility: If you install Unravel using the interactive precheck, the utility prompts you to set the license file.

  • Installing Unravel manually: If you manually install Unravel, you must set the license file using the manager config license set command. For information, see each platform-specific section.

Run the following steps to set the Enterprise license.

If the license has any issues, an error message is displayed. To view and resolve the licensing error messages, see Licensing error messages and troubleshooting.

  1. Set the path of a license file.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config license set <path of a license file>

    Example: /opt/unravel/manager config license set /tmp/license.txt

    This command takes a filename as input and performs the following actions:

    • Reads the license file path and the license file

      The license YAML file contains product licensing information, license validity and expiration date, and the licensed number of clusters and nodes.

    • Verifies whether it is a valid license

    • Adds the com.unraveldata.license.file property to the file. For information, see License property.


    If you do not provide the license filename, the manager config license set command prompts for the license information. You can copy the content of the license file.

    Sample content of the license file:

    Licensee     : ACME Disintegrating Pistol Manufacturing
    Valid from    :  2022-12-16 00:00:00 UTC 
    Expire after  :  2023-10-16 23:59:00 UTC
    License type : Enterprise
    Licensed number of nodes : 1000000
    Signature    : c2Uvb2JqLnRhcmdldC92OF9pbml0aWFsaXplcnMvZ2VuL3RvcnF1ZS
    Revision     : 1
    ##### END UNRAVEL LICENSE #####
  2. Apply the changes.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config apply --restart