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Snowflake Documentation

Configuring the initial time range for RM polls

By default, Unravel polls data from the Resource Manager (RM) at a regular interval of 0 to 90 seconds. However, during the initial polling, which is the first poll after installation, Unravel fetches data for the last 1 day by default. Thereafter, the subsequent polls bring in data from the last 90 secs.

In case you want to poll data for a different initial poll time period instead of the default, you must set the com.unraveldata.rm.lookback.days property and restart Unravel.


In a multi-cluster setup, you must apply the com.unraveldata.rm.lookback.days property individually for each cluster.

Do the following to set the initial time range for RM polls:

  1. Stop Unravel

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager stop
  2. Set the following property.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config properties set com.unraveldata.rm.lookback.days <no of days>
  3. Apply the changes.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config apply
  4. Start Unravel

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager start
/opt/unravel/manager stop
/opt/unravel/manager config properties set com.unraveldata.rm.lookback.days 10
/opt/unravel/manager config apply
/opt/unravel/manager start