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Snowflake Release Notes

February 2024

Last updated: February 9, 2024

What's New

  • Secured data share

    Unravel leverages the Snowflake secured data share (Snow Share) option for data transfer over shared connections outside the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or through private links. This involves employing a serverless/warehouse task to independently replicate metadata to the schema in the customer Snowflake account, allowing you to share metadata directly with the Unravel Snowflake account in the same region.

  • Scaling optimization

    A scaling optimization approach is introduced in this release, which aims to optimize the efficiency of pipeline processing for Snowflake query data, ultimately enhancing the performance of the Queries page on Unravel UI.

    By employing the scaling optimization method, Unravel effectively queried a minimum of 1.5 million records in 43 minutes and a maximum of 11.2 million records within 4 hours 34 minutes. A deviation of 15% can be anticipated.

    For a detailed breakdown, refer to the following table, which presents the examined number of records and their respective polling times in hours.

    Number of records (Million)

    Polling time in hours

    1.5 M


    3.4 M


    5.7 M


    8.2 M


    11.2 M


    With the growing volume of records, you can anticipate a proportional increase in processing time. As the dataset expands, there is an impact on the time required for efficient processing. Alternatively, scaling up the hardware is a viable and recommended strategy to mitigate latency challenges associated with larger record processing.


  • Query details page

    • Facility is provided to expand the query text box. (UIX-6460)

    • Copy button is provided for copying the query for every query comparison. (UIX-6463)

    • Facility is provided for a side-by-side comparison of the query text. (UIX-6464)

    • Updated the content for the Review usage of Union event. (SNOW-1408)

    • Add more metrics in side-by-side query comparison. (UIX-6466)

  • Warehouse

    • Text updated for the Consolidate warehouse event to mention autoscaling. (SNOW-1410)

    • Changed the default time range for cost and warehouse load from 8 hours to 7 days.(UIX-6474)


  • Warehouse

    • Warehouse size information is missing for some warehouses. (SNOW-1474)

    • In the Warehouse details page, the warehouses with UNKOWN/DELETED status have incorrect dates for the Resumed On field. (SNOW-1381)

    • Unable to read the warehouse_id for the warehouse. (SNOW-1566)

  • Insights

    The top 5 warehouse Insights section shows more than five insights. (SNOW-1406)

  • Polling

    Fixed the java. lang.NullPointerException in snowflake_worker that was observed while polling. (SNOW-1517)

  • Cost

    Cost data is not shown on the Cost > Overview page for a few days. (SNOW-1556)

Known issues

  • Insights

    Warehouse insights are generated for warehouses that are dropped and whose status is UNKOWN (SNOW-1377)


For support issues, contact Unravel Support.

Snowflake archived release notes

Refer to Archived 4.8x Snowflake release notes.