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Snowflake Documentation

Signing for Unravel Snowflake Standard (Free) account

When you sign up for Unravel Standard (Free) account, you are provided with free observability into the data performance of warehouses that are integrated with Unravel for monitoring. However, for optimization insights and governance, you must upgrade to the Unravel Pro version.


For the Unravel Standard (Free) account version, the data is monitored for a period of seven days.

Run the following steps to sign up for Unravel Standard (Free) account.

  1. Sign up for Unravel (Snowflake Standard (Free) account). From the Unravel website, select Snowflake; in the Create a Free Account box, specify your email ID, and click Create Account.

    You get an email for verification.

  2. After your email is verified, you will receive another email with login credentials. Keep these handy to access your Unravel Standard (Free) account UI.

  3. From the Unravel UI, you can configure your Snowflake account with a Realtime connection to upload Snowflake metadata.