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v4.7.0.0 Release notes

Software version

Release Date: 3/May/2021

See v4.7.0.0 for download information.

Software upgrade support

Only fresh installations are supported.

Sensor upgrade

  • Sensor upgrade is not applicable.

Certified platforms

Review your platform's compatibility matrix before you install Unravel.

Updates to Unravel's configuration properties

  • No updates to user-facing properties.

New features

  • Platforms

    Unravel version is available for the following platforms:

    • Cloudera Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH)

    • Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

    • Databricks Azure and Databricks AWS

    • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

  • Databricks

    • AutoActions is now supported for Databricks.

    • Data page for Databricks supports workspaces and multiple metastores.

  • Amazon Mapreduce (EMR)

    • Chargeback details are provided for each EMR cluster.

    • The cost breakdown is provided across EMR, EC2, and EBS volume for each configured AWS account.

    • Recommendations are given on the node type to save costs based on usage.

  • Spark SQL insights

    The following new event types are added under the Analysis tab that provides insights, suggestions, and recommendations for Spark SQL queries.

    • Bottlenecks

    • SLA

  • UI changes

    • The following reports in the Cluster page are now accessed only from the Reports page:

      • Tuning

      • TopX

      • Queue Analysis

    • Scheduled Jobs report can be accessed from the Jobs page.

    • User report is superseded by the Top X report.

Improvements and enhancements

  • Application

    • Show the time interval when displaying applications running for a selected time interval on the graph. (CDI-88)

    • After Unravel restart, if the user goes to any Applications details page, Unravel UI becomes unresponsive. (CUSTOMER-1650)

  • Cluster

    • Use max instead of avg for aggregations in all graphs. (CDI-89)

  • Databricks

    • Support All Clusters in dropdown across all pages. This is only for Databricks. (CDI-158, CDI-65)

    • In Workspaces, you can disable tier selection while editing a workspace. (DT-890)

    • Add Audit tab for Databricks. (DT-827)

    • Support group by App tags in Chargeback. (DT-612)

    • New UI for Workspace Manager page. (DT-594)

  • HBase

    • Option to disable storing Table Region metrics. (HBASE-122)

  • Platform

    • Add Europe regions for EMR. (MIG-11)

    • Use higher strength cipher in password encryption/decryption. (REPORT-1764)

  • Migration

    • Migration script for update ES index and add attemptId and newly added structured streaming fields.

  • Tez

    • UI changes to show diagnostics message as tooltip/popup for failed task attempts. This is only for Tez. (ASP-1030)


  • Billing is not supported on EMR and on-prem platforms.

  • Monitoring the expiration of the SSL Certificates and Kerberos principals in Unravel multi-cluster deployments.

  • Migration Planning is not supported for the following regions for Azure Data Lake:

    • Germany Central (Sovereign)

    • Germany Northeast (Sovereign)

  • Forecasting and Migration: In a multi-cluster environment, only a single cluster can be configured at a time; hence reports are generated only for that single cluster.

  • Unravel does not support multi-cluster management of combined on-prem and cloud clusters.

  • Unravel does not support apps belonging to the same pipeline in a multi-cluster environment but is sourced from different clusters. A pipeline can only contain apps that belong to the same cluster.

  • Reports are not supported on Databricks and EMR.

In Jobs > Sessions, the feature of applying recommendations and then running the newly configured app is not supported.

  • Pig and Cascading applications are not supported.

Bug fixes

  • Cluster page

    • Resource page - Core value in the graph is not matching value in application. (DT-888)

    • Cluster Overview: By State/ By Status/Inefficient Events does not allow downloading the graph. (UIX-3731)

    • Cluster Overview: By State/ By Status/Inefficient Events does not display a check box for user selection. (UIX-3730)

    • Resource page - Applications listed start time does not include in the duration of the table. (CDI-152)

    • X-axis time range is not synchronizing on the Resource page. (CDI-128)

    • Jobs page graph application count does not match with the table application count. (CDI-107)

  • Applications

    • Metrics, Vcores, and memory data are missing for MR Failed and Killed apps. (ASP-1069)

  • Data

    • Data mismatch(ES vs. API Response) for /jobs/count endpoint with all supported parameter combinations for groupBy (state, applicationType, user, queue) and polling interval. (API-78)

  • Databricks

    • DBU Cost not visible in resources usage table.

    • Job count in the graph shows 1 but no applications listed on the Job Trends page. (CDI-130)

    • Exception Unrecognized field "modification_time" error in sw log. (DT-852)

    • Workspace Manager Page - Init script failure is not captured in the UI. (DT-598)

    • Click on the graph is not reflecting the details in the table. (DT-529)

    • Nodes graph has decimal values. (DT-460)

  • Impala

    • Impala App - Fragments and Operators details table are not scrollable intermittently. (ASP-1061)

    • Impala App - Left panel containing fragments and operator details not visible on Unravel UI. (ASP-1058)

    • Impala Table not displaying data for the selected cluster. (CDI-162)

    • The Impala apps details page is not opening from the Impala resource page. (ASP-1042)

    • Impala Option not available in the dropdown in Chargeback. (CDI-137)

    • Impala Resources tab is not displayed in the UI. (ASP-1025)

    • Impala apps are not searchable from global search. (ASP-1018)

    • Data IO is not displayed on the Impala app details page. (ASP-1017)

    • Impala: Added custom Cloudera API version support. (ASP-995)

  • Jobs

    • Jobs Page: Column sorting does not work, with cluster filter selected. (UIX-3764)

    • Job count in the graph shows 1 but no applications listed on the Jobs Trends page. (CDI-130)

  • Spark

    • Spark Worker not processing all yarn log paths if the first one fails. (ASP-986)

    • The Errors tab does not show all the errors that are displayed in the container logs. (USPARK-809)

    • Spark Stream batch missing jobId for few batches. (ASP-1036)

  • Tez

    • Tez application fails to load while processing dag status data. (CUSTOMER-1672)

  • UI

    • Impala: Tooltip for memory graph data points is different for both memory and query graph. (ASP-1060)

    • Application details pages should not show the end time for running applications. (ASP-980)

    • Applications are missing on the Cluster workload page. (DT-889)

    • Incorrect max value in slide range filter. Max, Min durations are not respective to the apps selected. (DT-882)

    • Pagination is not working on the Jobs page. (DT-878)

    • Issues in auto-logout and inactivity logout features resulting in frequent logout behaviors. (UIX-3722)

    • Autorefresh on the Chargeback page is not refreshing the graphs correctly. (CDI-144)

    • Add sub value to total available and allocated in the tooltip. (CDI-138)

    • Inconsistent scale used in Overview Page. (CDI-136)

    • Inconsistent graphs on the Overview page. (CDI-132)

    • JMX Monitoring UI is not loading. (CDI-129)

    • Cluster Resource - Multiple operations make the page unresponsive. (CDI-101)

    • Display full x-axis in Graphs matching the selected time range rather than when data is available. (CDI-86)

    • Dashboard Page - Timeline scale in the Cluster Overview page is inconsistent. (CDI-40)

    • Dashboard Page - vcores graph shows zero when there is no data. (CDI-39)

    • Use dbuCost in Chargeback pages. (DT-649)

  • Duplicate apps with the same cluster UID entry are found in Elastic Storage. (ASP-1044)

  • CDP: The application listing page does not list the Impala apps. (ASP-1076)

  • Total Fetch Requests per Sec metric in Kafka monitor displays much lesser value than the value displayed on Cloudera Manager. (CUSTOMER-1687)

  • PartitioneNotPruned is not generated for Databricks. (INSIGHTS-122)

  • Cluster discovery

    • If the metric retrieval for a host fails, then the CPU and memory capacity/usage graphs and heatmaps are not displayed.

      This happens on a CDH cluster when the Cloudera Manager agent of a host does not send any heartbeats to the Cloudera Manager server. Such a host is shown as Bad Health in Cloudera Manager. (REPORT-1706)

      Workaround: Ensure that the Cloudera Manager agent sends heartbeats to the Cloudera Manager on all hosts and that none of the hosts are shown as Bad Health.

    • The On-prem Cluster Identity may show an incorrect Spark version on CDH. The report may incorrectly show Spark 1 when Spark 2 is installed on the CDH cluster. (REPORT-1702)

  • The TopX report email contains a link to the Unravel TopX report, instead of showing the report content in the email as in the old reports.

  • Queue analysis: The log file name (unravel_us_1.log) displayed in the error message is incorrect. The correct name of the log file is unravel_sensor.log. (REPORT-1663)

  • The session is not created if there is a space used in the session name. (SESS-332)

    Workaround: Use underscores instead of space.

  • Spark Analyse session fails in the absence of event logs for the applications present in the session. (SESS-366)

  • Session creation from the Hive application page is not supported. (UIX-3577)

    Workaround: Use the Sessions listing page to create a hive session.

  • The session should be sorted by create date instead of session names. (SESS-368)

  • Status of Application is seen as UNKNOWN in session details when the application has multiple attempts. (SESS-369)

  • There is a lag seen for SQL Streaming applications. (PLATFORM-2764)

  • If the customer uses an active directory for Kerberos and the samAccountName and principal do not match, this can cause errors when accessing HDFS.

  • For PySpark applications, the processCPUTime and the processCPULoad are not captured properly. (USPARK-626)

  • SQL events generator generates SQL Like clause event if the query contains like pattern even in the literals. (TEZLLAP-349)

  • The new user interface (UI) can be accessed only from Chrome.

  • In the App summary page for Impala, the Query> Operator view is visible after scrolling down. (UIX-3536).

  • Jobs getting falsely labeled as a Tez App for Oozie Sqoop and Shell actions. (PLATFORM-2403)


For support issues, contact Unravel Support.