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Schedule Jobs

You can predict the best-suited time slot to schedule a job from this tab. The recommendation for the best time slot is determined based on the usage history of the available vCores and memory in the time period that you select. Thus, you can efficiently run the job with maximum resource utilization and reduced chances of failure.


You can view the details of every workflow, such as the start time, end time, memory and vCores consumed, etc., in a color-coded heatmap.

Identifying the best time slot to schedule a job
  1. On the Unravel UI, go to Jobs > Schedule Jobs.

  2. Click schedule.png to select a time period. This historical usage of vCores and memory in this time period is considered to determine the best time slot to schedule a job.

  3. Optionally, select one of the following to view the usage of vCores and memory in the selected period:

    • Available vCores

    • Available memory

    A color-coded heatmap is displayed, which is based on the historical usage of the selected option. The dark-colored bars indicate the availability of more vCores and memory, whereas the light-colored bars indicate usage and, thereby, lesser availability of vCores and memory. You can hover over a color-coded bar to view the details of the day, time, available vCores, and available memory.

  4. Enter the following details about the job that you want to schedule:

    • vCores: Estimated number of vCores required to run the job.

    • Memory: Estimated memory to run the job.

    • Duration: Estimated time duration to run the job.

  5. Click Recommend. The best-suited time slot to schedule your job is displayed on the right panel in a heatmap with a color-coded bar. The day and time of this slot are displayed along with the available vCores and memory for that slot.

    In case, due to some circumstances if you cannot run the job in the recommended time slot, then click All Feasible on the right, and all the feasible time slots are displayed. You can choose a time slot from this list.