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Installing Unravel on cloud platforms using Ansible

You can install Unravel on Amazon EMR, Databricks (Azure, AWS), and Google cloud platform (Dataproc, BigQuery) using Ansible.

  1. Navigate to the ansible-installation directory and create a copy of the vars_template.yml file.

    cp vars_template.yml vars.yml
  2. Edit vars.yml by using any editor. For example, the vi editor.

    vi vars.yml
  3. Update the value for the cloud_platform parameter.

    # Update any required fields
    # Must set cloud_platform=emr/dataproc/databricks

    The vars.yml file contains deployment parameters. You can customize these parameters for installing and deploying Unravel on cloud platforms.

  4. From the Unravel server, run the Ansible playbook.

    ansible-playbook -i inventories/ install_unravel.yml -e @vars.yml -vvv

    Applies all values specified in the vars.yml to the Ansible playbook. See Verify Unravel installation using Ansible.

  5. (Optional) Update the cloud_node inventory if you do not run the Ansible playbook from the Unravel server.


    vi inventories/cloud_node/hosts


    # Example hosts file
    # [cloud_node]
    # ansible_user=unravel ansible_ssh_private_key_file=/root/.ssh/id_rsa
  6. Define the hive metastore properties in a .txt file for Databricks. See Configuring Hive Metastore (Cloud).

  7. Define the hive metastore properties in a .txt file for EMR. See Configuring Hive Metastore (Cloud) and Configuring external hive metastore (EMR).

  8. Configure the EMR cluster in Unravel. See Connect a new or existing EMR cluster to Unravel.

  9. Specify the path of a .txt file in the prop_file_paths variable. Ensure that the .txt file is readable by the Unravel user.

    ansible-playbook -i inventories/ install_unravel.yml -e @vars.yml -vvv --tag hive_metastore