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Unity app Release notes (27/March/2023)

Software version

Release date: 27/March/2023

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New features

  • New Unity reports

    The following new report is launched in this release:

    • Database user analysis report

      This report is useful for analyzing databases, users, and tables report. The report provides details of the databases, which are used by the users and the details of tables that exist in databases. (IMP-579)

  • Enhanced Unity reports

    The following reports are improved with new parameters and enhanced reports.

    • Azure billing analysis report (IMP-544, IMP-356)

      This report is enhanced to process your Azure billing artifacts and break down the billing cost across different dimensions. Also, insights on cost savings through node rightsizing strategies and correct usage of auto scaling are made available wherever possible.

    • Deep user analysis report (IMP-614)

    • TopK users report (IMP-613)

Bug fixes

  • Catalog report

    Catalog comparison report with quantitative results. (IMP-498)

  • AWS EMR cost report

    AWS emr cost report failed with the following error:

    AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'parallel_apply'. (IMP-608)


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