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Unity app Release notes (27/April/2023)

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Release date: 27/April/2023

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New features

  • New Unity reports

    The following new reports are launched in this release:

    • Databricks DBUs Consumption Report

      Databricks DBUs Consumption report compares the DBUs that are utilized individually by the Unravel monitored workspaces in a period of three months. A breakdown of the Databricks DBUs consumption by workspaces and clusters for a duration of three months is provided. Moreover, a graphical representation of DBU consumption by workspace and month is also provided.

    • HDFS Usage Analysis Report (IMP-541, IMP-700, IMP-392)

      The report provides a detailed analysis of HDFS file usage. You can set thresholds to mark the file usage. The file usage is categorized as follows:

      • Hot: Files that are often accessed are considered as hot.

      • Warm: Files that are not accessed for a while are considered as warm.

      • Cold: Files that are no longer used, or files that need to be ¬†archived are considered as cold

  • New Appstore app (IMP-408)

    • Cluster Insights Correlator app

      The Cluster Insights Correlator app provides data insights on concurrently heavy hitter apps, name node inefficiencies, HiveServer2 (HS2) statuses, and Impala service level inefficiencies.

  • Enhanced Unity reports

    The following reports are improved with new parameters and enhanced reports.

    • AWS EMR Cost and Wastage Report

      • Insights service is integrated into the AWS EMR cost and wastage report. (IMP-693, IMP-656)

      • The EMR wastage report is part of the AWS EMR Cost and Wastage report. (IMP-687)

      • Unity App needs to consume data from the Insight service using EMR wastage APIs. (IMP-687)

      • Generate wastage insight event for EMR cluster. (IMP-663)

      • Add cluster idle time series (timestamp and cluster idle state) to the API response. (IMP-698)

      • Calculate the EMR cost wastage based on the Cloudwatch isIdle metric across each node group type. (IMP-695)

    • Azure Bill Analysis Report

      • Azure Bill Analysis uses the data in Unravel to analyze if the billing CSV is not available. (IMP-591)

    • General Unity reports enhancement

      • Add the cost (actual or savings) columns in the Unity app reports at the end. (IMP-578)

      • Users can define columns and arrange the order of the columns in the Unity app reports. (IMP-578)

      • The Search box in Unity app reports is no longer case-sensitive. (IMP-646)

Bug fixes

  • Catalog report

    The Catalog report is getting killed. (IMP-729)

  • Report failure

    The following Unity report failures are fixed:

    • Dataflow migration report (IMP-694)

    • Databricks DBU report (IMP-728)

    • Impala event analysis report fails. (IMP-694)

    • Top K user (IMP-662)

  • Deep user analysis report

    Even though the report is generated with multiple users, only a single user is shown in the report.(IMP-669)

  • General Unity app report fixes

    Reports with links for sample app runs are redirected but not showing the relevant data. (IMP-694)

  • Pipeline Comparison report

    Pipeline links are not working. (IMP-694)


For support issues, contact Unravel Support.