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Unity app Release notes (30/November/2023)

Software version

Release date: 30/November/2023

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New features

  • Databricks Node Downsizing Savings Report



  • All reports

    • Input Parameters (filters) specified during report creation are now added to the email body when a report is scheduled to be sent as an email. (IMP-1387)

  • Databricks Event Analysis report

    • The tags key-value pair is now applicable to the Databricks Event Analysis report. (IMP-1378)

  • Database User Analysis report

    The following additional fields are added to all the Database User reports:

    • The accessedMonthYear column is added to the report.

    • Filter to select tables accessed between specified dates. (IMP-1383)

Bug fixes

  • Diagnostic page

    • Improved listing of unity processes on the Diagnostics page. (IMP-1446)

  • TopK Users report

    • Incorrect cost values are fixed and updated in the graphs for the TopK Users report. (IMP-1463)

    • The Y-axis and the Top K Users report values are now labeled in GB instead of bytes. (IMP-1459)

    • Sorting issues for columns are fixed in the TopK Users report. (IMP-1494)

    • Graph metrics are updated for the TopK Users report. (IMP-1462)

    • Point markers are added to the graphs to make individual data points easily noticeable. (IMP-1460)

  • Databricks reports

    • Re Compute Features button should be absent for DBX platforms. (IMP-1461)

    • The Download option should not be available for AST Extractor Logs. (IMP-1448)

  • Diagnostic page

    The CPU percentage displayed on the Diagnostics page is not accurate. (IMP-1330)

  • Resource Monitor

    • The killed process duration is not updated in the UI. (IMP-1336)


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