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Cost (Snowflake)

The Cost page offers features designed to optimize your data operations while keeping costs in check. You can manage your costs by viewing the insights from the Cost dashboards.

The reports enable you to precisely identify who incurs expenses, where you can allocate those expenses, and the reasons behind them. You can break down and allocate costs based on various criteria such as department, team, workload, application, and even at the level of individual jobs or users.

Unravel’s Cost page allows you to:

  • View, understand, attribute, and monitor your costs within Snowflake. Get clarity on where your expenses are incurred and how they evolve over time.

  • Easily access and evaluate the total compute cost associated with your Snowflake usage.

  • Identify and analyze the most expensive warehouses and users in your Snowflake environment.

The Snowflake Cost tab consists of Cost 360 page and Tags page.

Cost 360

The Cost 360 page under the Cost tab consists of the following sections:

  • Overview

    At the top of the Cost 360 page, the total cost incurred in the specified period is shown along with a daily trend graph, which shows the changes in your cost over time.

  • Compute Costs

    The compute costs are shown here for the virtual warehouses, cloud services, and serverless features.

  • Virtual Warehouses Costs

    A detailed breakdown of the virtual warehouse costs, the number of warehouses, most expensive warehouses, and the average cost per warehouse for the specified time period are shown here.

  • Users and Queries

    A detailed breakdown of the costs for the users and the queries, along with the trend graph, is displayed in this section.


A detailed breakdown of the cost chargeback by warehouse tags and the warehouse tags costs trends is displayed in this page.