Running a pre-check

Unravel provides a utility, run-checks.sh, to make sure your Unravel host meets Unravel's requirements.

  • On your Unravel host, it checks:

    • User, memory, free space, and dependency issues.

    • If you're using Kerberos, it checks for tooling and keytab issues.

    • That the Unravel host is an edge node.

  • On your Hadoop setup, it confirms that the Unravel host is an edge node, and checks for service access issues.

To run this utility, follow the steps below.

  1. Download unravel-precheck-latest.tar.gz to the Unravel host.

    Destination directory doesn't matter.

    wget https://preview.unraveldata.com/unravel/tools/unravel-precheck-latest.tar.gz
  2. On the Unravel host, uncompress unravel-precheck-latest-tar.gz.

    tar zxvf unravel-precheck-latest.tar.gz

    Uncompressing the archive results in a directory named unravel-precheck that contains two scripts, edit-configuration.sh and run-checks.sh.

  3. To configure run-checks.sh, run unravel-precheck/edit-configuration.sh. This launches a menu-driven interface for changing various settings.



    If you're doing a pre-upgrade check, run edit-configuration.sh to import your settings from unravel.properties.

  4. Run run-checks.sh as root.

    ./unravel-precheck/run-checks.sh [--no-kerberos]




    Disables Kerberos checks.

    Sample output
    [root@node14 ~]# ./unravel-precheck/run-checks.sh --no-kerberos
    INFO  *** Parsing (--no-kerberos): --no-kerberos with no value
    Unravel verification tool, ran on 2019-08-14 00:11:25 UTC
    Hostname: node14.local-training.unraveldata.com
    | host
    |  run-as-root                   Ok
    |  os                            Ok              CentOS 7.6
    |  libaio                        ERROR           Not installed
    |  directory                     Info            data: doesn't exists, software: doesn't exists
    |  free-space                    Ok              data: 1650G, software: 1650G
    |  memory                        Ok              125G
    |  cpu                           Ok              x86_64, 144 cores
    |  ports                         Ok
    |  ntp                           ERROR           ntpstat missing
    |  max-map-count                 Ok              262144
    |  selinux                       Ok              Not installed
    |  unravel-service-account       ERROR           Not found
    |  unravel-service-group         Skipped         Prerequisite test errored
    |  dependencies                  ERROR           Missing 2 out of 69 programs
    |  tmp-exec                      Ok
    |  ondemand-dependencies         ERROR           Missing 6 out of 10 libraries
    | kerberos
    |  kerberos-tools                Skipped         Test disabled
    |  check-keytab                  Skipped         Test disabled
    | hadoop
    |  hadoop-tools                  Ok
    |  check-distribution            Ok              HDP 2.6.5
    |  cluster-manager               Skipped         Missing configuration
    |  hdfs-access                   Skipped         Prerequisite test errored
    |  yarn-access                   Skipped         Prerequisite test errored
    |  yarn-rm-webapp                Skipped         Missing configuration
    |  yarn-ats                      Skipped         Prerequisite test errored
    |  hive-tools                    Ok
    | Checks completed
    |  Successful : 13
    |  Skipped    : 8
    |  Error      : 5
    |  Total      : 26
    See report: ./unravel-precheck/results/20190814-001125/report.txt
    Missing dependencies (./unravel-precheck/results/20190814-001125/missing.dependencies) :
    - rdate
    - zip
    Missing ondemand dependencies (./unravel-precheck/results/20190814-001125/missing.ondemand.dependencies) :
    - cyrus-sasl-devel
    - cyrus-sasl-gssapi
    - cyrus-sasl-plain
    - python-saslwrapper
    - saslwrapper
    - saslwrapper-devel
    [root@node14 ~]#
  5. Check the results for problems.

    The script outputs the checks/tests ran and their result. Next it lists all missing "general" dependencies and finally missing OnDemand dependencies. The possible test status are:

    • Ok

    • Info: Some information you might want to know.

    • Skipped: A particular test was skipped because:

      • Disabled: The test was manually disabled.

      • Missing configuration: You need to run edit-configuration.sh first.

      • Prerequisite test errored: Some other test didn't run successfully, so this test was skipped.

    • ERROR: The test failed. To see why, look at the detailed report, unravel-precheck/results/YYYYMMDD-HHMISS/report.txt

    Three reports (text files) located in ./unravel-precheck/results/YYYYMMDD-HHMISS/

    Report Name



    Detailed information on the test results. Check this file if any of the checks didn't complete with a status of OK.


    Missing general dependencies.


    Missing dependencies for OnDemand.