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Reports page Reports Page Title bar.png

Unravel provides a variety of reports helping you manage your clusters. The page has four tabs. As of 4.5.1 Cloud Reports has been replaced with Migration Planning.

  • Operational insights: Provides the ability to generate a variety of reports, including chargebacks, cluster summaries, and cluster compares.

  • Data insights: Provides data level insights including a snapshot of tables and partitions over the last 24 hours and reports on disk capacity forecasting and small files.

  • Migration planning: Helps you plan your migration to the cloud by analyzing your on-prem cluster, two migration methods and the costs associated each method.

  • Report archives: Lists all reports and attempts to generate a report, whether the reports were scheduled or run on an ad hoc basis.

  • Scheduled reports: Lists all scheduled reports.

Scheduling Reports: All user-generated reports can be run on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.

The Reports page opens displaying Operational Insights.