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Disabling support/comments panel


This button/feature is no longer available as of 4.5.1.

Unravel's title bar has a support button allowing users to contact Unravel Data directly via a pop-up. See an example of the pop-up below.

You have the option to disable this function and hide the support button.

Hide/Disable support button
  1. On Unravel Server, open /usr/local/unravel/etc/ with vi.

    # sudo vi /usr/local/unravel/etc/
  2. Search for If not found, add the property. Set it to false.
  3. Restart the Unravel UI.

    sudo service unravel_ngui restart
  4. Your title bar should be missing the support button like below.

Show/re-enable support button

To enable the support/comments panel, repeat the above steps 1-3, but in step 2 set to true or remove the property from file.

Pop-up support box