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Troubleshooting Cloudera Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) issues




hadoop fs -ls /user/unravel/HOOK_RESULT_DIR/ indicates that the directory does not exist

  • Unravel Server RPM is not yet installed, or

  • Unravel Server RPM is installed on a different HDFS cluster, or

  • HDFS home directory for Unravel does not exist, or

  • kerberos/sentry actions are needed

Install Unravel RPM on Unravel host.


Verify that user unravel user exists and has a /user/unravel/ directory in HDFS with write access to it.

ClassNotFound error for com.unraveldata.dataflow.hive.hook.UnravelHiveHook during Hive query execution

Unravel hive hook JAR was not found in in $HIVE_HOME/lib/.

Confirm that the UNRAVEL_SENSOR parcel was distributed and activated in Cloudera Manager.


Put the Unravel hive-hook JAR corresponding to hive-version in jar-destination on each gateway as follows:

cd /usr/local/unravel/hive-hook/;
cp unravel-hive-hive-version*hook.jar jar-destination