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Multi-cluster install

The Multi-Cluster feature allows a single Unravel installation to monitor multiple independent clusters. You must install Unravel on a core node for multi-cluster implementation and then perform the installation steps on all the edge nodes. Unravel core node can manage at the most one default on-prem cluster.

Installing Unravel on the core node

You must run the precheck on the core node and then install Unravel using the same steps used to install Unravel on a single cluster. Core node can manage one default on-prem cluster.

Also, refer to Unravel configurations on the Core node.

Installing Unravel on the edge node

Each of the non-default clusters must have the associated installation of the Unravel Edge node with access to the given clusters. Cluster Access service is installed on the Edge node.

Run the following steps to install and configure Unravel on the edge node in a multi-cluster environment.

  1. Create an Installation directory and grant the directory ownership to the user who installs Unravel on the edge node.

    mkdir /path/to/installation directory
    chown -R username:groupname /path/to/installation directory
  2. Deploy Unravel binaries .

  3. Run the setup command as follows:

    <installation_directory>/versions/<unravel version>/setup --cluster-access SERVER
    # SERVER is the fully qualified domain name of the Unravel server on the core node. 
  4. Run auto-configuration:

    <unravel_installation_directory>/manager config auto

    When prompted, you can provide the following:

    • Cluster manager URL: Provide the fully qualified hostname where you are installing Unravel.

    • Cluster Name

    • Username

    • Password

  5. Refresh files.

    manager refresh files
  6. Start Unravel.

    manager start

Also, refer to Unravel configurations on the Edge node.