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Upgrading sensors on HDP

unravel-host is the Unravel Server's fully qualified domain name or IP address.

spark-version is the target Spark version. For example, 1.6.0, 2.0.1, 2.2.0.

hive-version is the target Hive version For example, 1.2.0.


Only activate the sensors when there are no Hive or Spark jobs running as the restart may affect running jobs.

  1. On Unravel Server and on all nodes in the cluster that have Unravel Sensors deployed, create backups of the old sensor folders and then remove the folders.

    cd /usr/local/
    sudo tar -cvf unravel-sensors-`date +%m%d%y`.tar unravel-agent unravel_client
    sudo rm -rf /usr/local/unravel-agent
    sudo rm -rf /usr/local/unravel_client
  2. On Unravel Server, run the sensor package script.

    cd /usr/local/unravel/install_bin/cluster-setup-scripts/
    sudo ./ install -y --unravel-server unravel-host:3000 --spark-version spark-version --hive-version hive-version
  3. After running the above command the JAR files are stored in these two directories:

    • /usr/local/unravel_client (Hive Hook JAR)

    • /usr/local/unravel-agent/jars/ (Resource metrics sensor JARs)

    Copy the files into the directory /usr/local/unravel-jars/.

    cp /usr/local/unravel_client/unravel-hive-hive-version-hook.jar /usr/local/unravel-jars/
    cp -pr /usr/local/unravel-agent/jars/* /usr/local/unravel-jars/
  4. Distribute /usr/local/unravel-jars to all worker, edge, and master nodes that run queries.

    For example,

    scp -r /usr/local/unravel-jars root@hostname:/usr/local/