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Amazon EMR cluster setup guide

This section provides instructions to connect an Amazon EMR cluster to Unravel SaaS.

  1. On the AWS console, select the EMR service and click Create cluster.

  2. In the Create Cluster - Quick Options screen, click Go to advanced options.

  3. In Step 1: Software and Steps, select any release up to emr-5.29.0.

  4. In Step 2: Hardware, enter a configuration for your EMR cluster and click Next.

  5. In Step 3: General Cluster Settings, specify the following settings in Add Bootstrap Action and click Add. The Amazon EMR cluster starts with this bootstrap action.




    Select Custom action.

    Script location

    Specify the following bootstrap location:



    If you want to monitor MR jobs, then you must pass additional optional argument --all

    Optional arguments

    Enter the following:

  6. Click Configure and add.

  7. In Step 4: Security, configure the security of the cluster as required. For example:

    • Choose the EC2 key pair.

    • Select the EC2 security groups. AWS EMR service automatically applies additional rules that are required for EMR nodes.

  8. Click Create cluster. Your new EMR cluster finishes the bootstrap process and will be in the Waiting state.

For reference, you can also watch the following video: