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Upgrading Unravel from version 4.6.1.x TAR installation to 4.7.3.x

This topic provides instructions to upgrade from Unravel v4.6.1.x TAR installation to v4.7.3.x

The following upgrade path is supported for upgrading from Unravel v4.6.1.x TAR installation to v4.7.3.x

  • v4.6.1.xv4.7.3.x

Upgrading Unravel v4.6.1.x TAR installation to v4.7.3.x
  1. Download and extract the Unravel binaries of the Unravel version that you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

    For example:

    $ curl -v -u username:password | tar xvz -C /path/to/installation/directory


    The default installation directory is /usr/local. It may have been changed during the initial deployment. Make sure that the same installation directory is used when upgrading Unravel.

  2. Stop Unravel.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager stop
  3. Activate the version that you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager activate <Unravel-version>
  4. Apply the changes.

    <unravel_installation_directory>/unravel/manager config apply
  5. Start all the services.

    <unravel_installation_directory>/unravel/manager start 
  6. Check the status of services.

    <unravel_installation_directory>/unravel/manager report 

    The following service statuses are reported:

    • OK: Service is up and running.

    • Not Monitored: Service is not running. (Has stopped or has failed to start)

    • Initializing: Services are starting up.

    • Does not exist: The process unexpectedly disappeared. Restarts will be attempted 10 times.


If you have used the manager refresh files earlier, the following error is shown. This is because the command resets the content of current.yaml file.

INS00142: Upgrade manager blocked the upgrade, reason: current.yaml state is unexpected.
INSTALL-2347: This is a known issue on 4.6.1.x, run 'manager refresh all' and try the upgrade again.

In such a case, you must follow the instructions and run refresh all command before attempting the upgrade again.

Upgrading Unravel sensors

Refer to Upgrading sensors.


In a multi-cluster deployment, it is mandatory to upgrade the core node before you upgrade the sensors on the edge node.