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SaaS Free Trial FAQ


  • What types of data do you collect?

    We only collect metadata and performance data from the Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc. jobs themselves. We do not have access to the data stored in your data lake and other databases, and that data is not and cannot be shared with Unravel.

  • Does Unravel send data back to my data lake and other databases?

    No, Unravel only collects data from jobs and pipelines run against your data lake and other databases as read-only, and does not send anything back to you.

  • How much egress is estimated?

    This varies by workload size, we take measures to ensure that overhead is low and is usually under 1%.

  • Where is the trial hosted?

    Unravel is hosted on AWS, but can be hosted on other cloud platforms by request.


  • How does Unravel ensure data is secured when sending to Unravel SaaS?

    We use TLS encryption, the same standard used by secure websites, to secure data in transit.

  • What ports do I need to open?

    Known ports - 80 or 443 (if using SSL).

  • What is the architecture of your product?

    Refer to our documentation here:


  • What other ways can I try Unravel?

    We’re available on the AWS, Microsoft, Google, and HPE marketplaces, and also as a direct download so you can install Unravel in your environment.

  • Where can I get access to the installation guides and user guides?

    All of our documentation is available at