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Configuring on-demand pricing to process queries

You can configure the on-demand price per TB in USD based on the region by using the com.unraveldata.bigquery.ondemand.analysis.pricing.per.tb.usd.{region} property. The default price is $5 per TB.

  1. Stop Unravel.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager stop
  2. Set the com.unraveldata.bigquery.ondemand.analysis.pricing.per.tb.usd.{region} property, region value, and price value.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config properties set com.unraveldata.bigquery.ondemand.analysis.pricing.per.tb.usd.{region} <the price value in USD> 

    For example: /opt/unravel/manager config properties set com.unraveldata.bigquery.ondemand.analysis.pricing.per.tb.usd.europe-west1 6


    The region value is case-sensitive. You can check the region value displayed in the Job ID field of the BigQuery console. When defining the pricing for the region in, you must define the value in lowercase.

    The sample region values are us, eu, us-west1, europe-central2, europe-west1, and so on.

    You can find the possible values for region from the GCP BigQuery website.

  3. Apply the changes.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager config apply
  4. Start Unravel.

    <Unravel installation directory>/unravel/manager start