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Software version

Release date: December 1, 2023

See for download information.

Certified platforms

The following platforms are tested and certified in this release for Unravel Standard (Free) account:

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - BigQuery

  • Snowflake

New features

Unravel Standard (Free) account is supported and certified for GCP-BigQuery and Snowflake in this release.

Improvements and enhancements


  • Add 90 seconds default timeout for the OpenSearch connector in pyunravel. (BIGQ-909)

Bug fixes

The following bugfixes are included in this release:


  • In the Query details page, the information in the Stages tab does not get sorted. (BIGQ-830)

  • Jobs are not visible on the Uravel UI. (BIGQ-913)


  • Snowflake worker gets restarted continuously while loading customer data (SNOW-1356)

  • The Query history query is not ordered correctly. (SNOW-1368)

  • Insight category listed instead of Insight name for a query signature in the ROI report. (SNOW-1351)

  • On the Insights page, zero value is shown for the cost in the Queries insights section. (SNOW-1370)

  • Billing details cannot be removed from the Unravel UI > BigQuery account settings page. (BIGQ-879)

  • Warehouse insights are generated for warehouses that are dropped and whose status is UNKOWN (SNOW-1377)


For support issues, contact Unravel Support.