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Unity app Release notes (09/May/2024)

Software version

Release date: 09/Mayl/2024

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What's New

  • Unity now supports basic authentication. Enable authentication in Manage users via command line utility in the Unity home directory. For more information see Authentication.


  • Unity Apps general improvements

    • Included FSimage updated date/time and Hive metastore table updated date/time on diagnostics page UI

  • HDFS Usage and Analysis report

    • Enhanced HDFS Analysis Report with the following sections:

      • Total HDFS file size and usage trends.

      • Top K storage-intensive users.

      • Top K storage-intensive files.

      • Small Files information for HDFS paths.

      • Data and Namespace quota details.

      • Alert mail to users in the following scenarios:

        • File size exceeds the allocated quota (DSQuota).

        • Number of name spaces.

        • File exceeds the threshold for small files count.

  • Database User Analysis report

    • Added replication factor component to UI, defaulting to 1 (min: 1, max: 10), impacting size analysis.

    • Included multi-cluster input component for enhanced report flexibility.

    • Introduced merge clusters checkbox for generating new data table, grouping by common table names and databases with latest access and creation times.

    • Expanded data table to include number of Impala and YARN users for deeper insights.

Bug fixes


  • Page loading fails with an exception startTime error for MR application signature links. (IMP-1870)

  • The duration of a killed process does not get updated on the UI. (IMP-1336)

  • A different report name is displayed while confirming the deletion of a report. (IMP-1450)

  • An incorrect confirmation message is displayed when you terminate the killed or failed report runs. (IMP-1335)


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